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Crawford reveals Clooney mix-up


Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford has revealed that she accidentally got into bed with heartthrob George Clooney.

The supermodel, 48, said an advert for a tequila brand, in which her husband catches her with the Monuments Men star, was inspired by a real encounter with George, who is their next door neighbour and a good friend.

Cindy told Entertainment Tonight: "I woke up at like midnight with the kids sandwiched on either side... and I snuck into the guest room.

"I saw Rande (Cindy's husband) laying face down on the bed with the lights still on and I was like 'Wow, they really drank a lot if he still has his clothes on'," she said of the men.

"So, I get on the bed and I'm like 'Babe, you got to wake up' and babe turns his head and it wasn't (Rande), it was George. I was shocked! We were both so shocked."

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