Tuesday 11 December 2018

Conor McGregor's suit had a not-so-subtle hidden message for Mayweather - did you spot it?

The mixed martial arts star’s attire at the press conference with Floyd Mayweather was just about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

(Jae C Hong/AP)
(Jae C Hong/AP)
(Jae C Hong/AP)
(Jae C Hong/AP)

By Prudence Wade

Conor McGregor isn’t exactly known for being a shy or retiring kind of man – and his performance at the first stop of a four-city media tour to promote his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather proves just that.

Not only were his words full of expletives and threats, but also even his attire was coming for Mayweather.

On first glance it looks like McGregor is wearing a normal pinstripe suit, right? Admittedly, a bit extra when Mayweather was sporting a hoodie and cap, but each to their own.

(Jae C Hong/AP)

But under closer inspection, you can see that this is no average pinstripe.

(Jae C Hong/AP)

In fact, the pinstripes of his custom suit are made up of the words "F**k you".

(Jae C Hong/AP)

And people find it pretty hilarious.

A new trend perhaps?

At the press conference in Los Angeles, mixed martial arts star McGregor vowed to knock Mayweather out inside four rounds when the pair meet in a Las Vegas boxing match next month.

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