Tuesday 20 March 2018

Conan feels right at home on UK TV

Conan O'Brien's US talk show is coming to the UK
Conan O'Brien's US talk show is coming to the UK

Conan O'Brien has said he expects to fit right in on UK TV, because his talk show appeals to British humour.

The TV host's show Conan has been a success in America for many years, but is about to debut in the UK, and he said he thought audiences would get it right away.

He explained: "Being quick and verbal is such a tradition in England, Scotland, Ireland... it's such a part of the culture, and sometimes I prefer [UK] guests because the American guests that I talk to... some of the actors get it from the (Marlon) Brando/James Dean school of 'You're only cool if you mumble and you look up'. They think that's the way to be thought of as a great guest.

"Whereas you get these British actors on who are just great storytellers; they're bright and they want to mix it up and not everything has to be airbrushed by a publicist beforehand."

Conan added he still got starstruck: "I've always said to myself, 'The minute this starts to feel like a job to you, you've got to get out'. I've never felt that way. I'm thrilled.

"The other night I got to play guitar with Jack White. I step outside myself and I think, 'I can't believe this is happening', and you have to have those moments. The minute you get to, 'Of course I played guitar with Jack White,' then you're dead; then you gotta leave.

"That's the thing that you have to keep fresh. I'm always excited when I get to interact with these people who are really talented and try and make something happen. It's fantastic."

:: Conan is on new free-to-air channel truTV, Monday-Thursday, from Monday, August 4

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