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Comedian Keith Lemon amazed David Bowie had followed him on Twitter


Keith Lemon was amazed to find that David Bowie followed him on Twitter

Keith Lemon was amazed to find that David Bowie followed him on Twitter

David Bowie declared himself a fan of Bo' Selecta

David Bowie declared himself a fan of Bo' Selecta


Keith Lemon was amazed to find that David Bowie followed him on Twitter

Celebrity Juice and Through The Keyhole star Keith Lemon has said he was amazed to discover that the late singer David Bowie followed him on Twitter.

Speaking of the moment he discovered the star had died, he told the Press Association: "Holly (Willoughby) texted me and said "Did you know that David Bowie followed you on Twitter?"

"That was crazy - I didn't even know he was on Twitter."

Real name Leigh Francis, the comedian, 43, said he was chuffed to hear that Bowie, who died in January aged 69, told chat show host Jonathan Ross that he was a fan of one of his earlier comedy sketch shows, Bo' Selecta.

Reminiscing over other star-struck moments throughout his career, Lemon added that he found himself "besotted" with the late actor Carrie Fisher when he met her for a short filming session - featuring himself dressed as her Star Wars character, Princess Leia.

"She was a lovely woman and really funny," he said.

"I was sort of besotted, because she was Princess Leia, and that was all us little boys could ever see back then.

"They say don't meet your heroes but I was lucky there."

His comments mark the start of a busy year for Lemon with a fresh series of Through The Keyhole, which sees him take viewers on tours of mystery celebrity homes, set to broadcast this weekend.

"The surprising thing is a lot of these people's houses are never like you expect them to be, they are either bigger or less and you can never get it bang on," he said.

Revealing that he would love to visit singer Kylie Minogue's house for the show, he added: "We don't know much about her personal life - apart from my being in love with her - so I think it would be quite interesting."

Also on his schedule is the launch of his new show with TV comedian Paddy McGuinness, which will see the pair re-enact classic films such as Dirty Dancing by taking the "guts" out and condensing them into 30-minute spectaculars.

Getting ready to start filming on Monday, he said: "I've never had a rehearsal in any job I've done.

"We said we would do a show together after we did a Dirty Dancing bit for Comic Relief seven years ago, but now we are in the right place and time to make it happen and we are really excited.

"We're like two little boys playing out and playing dress up, basically."

Lemon is probably best known for hosting the ITV comedy chat show Celebrity Juice, which has been nominated for best entertainment show in this year's National Television Awards.

Asked if he could see himself receiving a royal honour, he told the Press Association: "I doubt it, but it would be nice.

"Winning a Bafta last year was the peak for me and I thought "Wow, should I just quit now?"

"I think if I had to meet the Queen, I would probably wear a top hat and tails and maybe do a little dance for her.

"I guess she gets tired of people getting scared of her, because it must be scary meeting her, so I would just be normal and maybe bring her some toffees."

:: The new series of Through The Keyhole will air on ITV at 9.35pm on Saturday.

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