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Coleen Nolan leaves son red-faced


Coleen Nolan is a panellist on Loose Women

Coleen Nolan is a panellist on Loose Women

Coleen Nolan is a panellist on Loose Women

Coleen Nolan's son was left mortified after his mum revealed to Loose Women's viewers that she'd listened to him having sex.

Regular panellist Coleen admitted on the ITV show that eldest son Shane Roche Junior - whose father is EastEnders actor Shane Richie - had accidentally sent her a voicemail during his night of passion.

She told viewers: "I came down one morning and had a missed call from Shane Junior and I'd missed it at four in the morning. I knew he'd been out so I was panicking, thinking oh my God, he might be in hospital.

"It had gone to voicemail and I was listening to it. For about the first 10 seconds I was thinking what the hell is that, and then I realised his phone had gone off during... his night of passion."

She added that she had listened for "four-and-a-half minutes" adding that she was "dead impressed" and that she'd later p layed the voicemail to Shane and his girlfriend, to embarrass the pair.

Shane, now 26, responded on Twitter to say he was embarrassed, writing: "Mum, why oh why @loosewomen !!!"

He joked: "In my defence, it was longer than four and a half minutes... Form a queue ladies #best4minutesofyourlife haha."

After some criticised his mum, he wrote: "Some people really need to get a grip, calling my mum a perv and a weirdo. She's the best and I wouldn't change her for the world #mummysboy."

It's not the first time Coleen has talked openly about her eldest son on TV.

She once said she would pay for him to go to Amsterdam to sleep with prostitutes if he passed his GCSEs.

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