Saturday 21 April 2018

Christopher Biggins removed from CBB house over 'offensive' comments

Christopher Biggins has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house after he made comments "capable of causing great offence".

The 67-year-old entertainer was the first person to enter the house during the programme's launch show and was the first contestant to leave.

This came hours before Grant Bovey became the first to be officially evicted by the public from the show.

In a statement, the Channel 5 reality TV show said: "Big Brother has taken the decision to remove Christopher Biggins from the Celebrity Big Brother house."

It went on to explain that Biggins "has made a number of comments capable of causing great offence to housemates and the viewing public" and went on to stress that "Big Brother does not tolerate offensive language capable of causing widespread offence".

The statement concluded: "Christopher Biggins has left the house."

Channel 5 has not revealed the comments made by Biggins that saw him forcibly removed from the house, but host Emma Willis confirmed during the live eviction broadcast that the details surrounding his exit will be revealed on Saturday's episode.

She said: "His departure and all the events leading up to it will be shown on tomorrow night's show."

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were shocked when remarks Biggins made about bisexual people were aired earlier in the week.

Biggins was talking to Mob Wives star Renee Graziano about homosexuality when he made the comments about people needing to "pick a team" in regards to their sexuality.

The TV and pantomime star was granted immunity from eviction along with Heavy D, whom he unwittingly saved from the public vote during a task.

After being made the secret boss of the house, he spared Heavy D from being put up for eviction without knowing it, and was delighted as he learned of his own fate for successfully completing the task.

The pair joined Loose Women panellist Saira Khan and The Only Way Is Essex's Lewis Bloor in being safe from eviction.

Aubrey O'Day and Stephen Bear received official warnings from Big Brother over their behaviour in the first week.

Bovey, the ex-husband of Anthea Turner, became the second housemate to leave Celebrity Big Brother.

He was up against DJ James Whale but received the fewest votes as the public were asked to save the housemate they wanted to remain.

He left the house to a chorus of both cheers and boos before being greeted by Willis.

Earlier in the live episode, he was given one last chance to appeal to the public to keep his place in the Channel 5 reality TV show's lock-up.

He said: "Being in Big Brother has been extraordinary and I have been able to spend time with extraordinary and talented people from all walks of life. It's brought things out of me I never thought I'd do in a million years."

Following his departure Bovey insisted that Biggins was the head of the household before his removal.

Speaking to Willis during his exit interview, he said: " Biggins is in control of the house. Everybody looks up to him - the older set and the younger set. He holds court."

When asked who would replace the entertainer now that he has gone, Bovey replied: "I don't think James will because, he can't hold court the way that Biggins did. I've got to be honest ... it's going to go to pot. There is no natural leader."

He also discussed his relationship with Marnie Simpson and was asked if he had a "soft spot" for the Geordie Shore star, with whom he became close.

He said: "I found it really comical if I'm honest. When I went in, you've cast some hot guys in there, and the girls were making a fuss of me. There was humour involved and I was trying to be humorous back. It was a running gag. I liked her, but not in that way."

Bovey also admitted that he thinks Bear is "trying too hard" in his "desperate" quest to win the reality TV show.

He said that he is feeling "mixed emotions" over being the first celebrity to leave the house.

"I wanted to be myself and do my best, and didn't want to be first out. Everything becomes hyper sensitive! I am glad to be out and to see my children and to sleep in my bed."

After Bovey's departure, Bear was chosen by his fellow housemates to be "cursed" with eternal nomination for the rest of his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

The housemates were tasked with picking another contestant live during the broadcast in another dastardly twist to the game.

Bear expressed his upset to his co-stars, but was mostly irritated by Heavy D choosing him against the others.

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