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Chrissy Teigen pledges 200,000 US dollars to bail out protesters

She also encouraged people to vote in the US election in November.


Chrissy Teigen (Ian West/PA)

Chrissy Teigen (Ian West/PA)

Chrissy Teigen (Ian West/PA)

Chrissy Teigen has donated 200,000 US dollars (£162,000) to bail out protesters across the United States following unrest over the death of George Floyd.

Tens of thousands of people have joined demonstrations across the US following the death of the unarmed black man after a white police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes while detaining him.

More than 1,600 people have been arrested in 22 cities since Thursday, with nearly a third of those in Los Angeles, where Teigen lives with her husband John Legend.

The model and TV star had initially pledged 100,000 US dollars, writing on Twitter: “In celebration of whatever the f*** maga night is, I am committed to donating 100,000 US dollars to the bail outs of protesters across the country.”

However, after one follower branded the protesters “rioters and criminals”, she wrote: “Ooo they might need more money then. Make it 200,000 US dollars.”

Teigen’s tweet references a message by President Donald Trump, who said it was “MAGA (Make America Great Again) night at the White House”, after protesters overcame the barriers near the White House and entered the park in front of it before they were driven away by police.

He wrote: “The professionally managed so-called ‘protesters’ at the White House had little to do with the memory of George Floyd.

“They were just there to cause trouble.

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“The @SecretService handled them easily.

“Tonight, I understand, is Maga night at the White House???”

Teigen later said her timeline was “a maga shit show,” as she was criticised by Trump supporters, adding: “Stay out of my mentions and I won’t respond.

“I don’t name search so feel free to talk about me in that way.

“You’re mad because your time is f***ing up, people are tired of your racist asses and people are mad as shit.

“I’d be scared too.

“I know your type.

“Maybe you don’t cross the street when a black man walks past but you want to.

“You say the n word among friends.

“You think this stuff wouldn’t happen if people simply complied.

“You’re full of shit and people see you now more than ever.

“Can’t hide anymore.

“Anyhow f*** trump and keep going.

“Be safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask and again, f*** Donald Trump.

“And keep this same energy when you vote.

“The worst thing that could happen is this all happening for nothing.”

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