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Chris Moyles's Radio X breakfast debut crashes app and website


Chris Moyles has hosted his first breakfast show on Radio X

Chris Moyles has hosted his first breakfast show on Radio X

Chris Moyles has hosted his first breakfast show on Radio X

Chris Moyles has been hailed the "saviour" of breakfast radio once again after his debut on Radio X received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from listeners.

But so many people from across the globe tuned in to hear the former Radio 1 DJ's show on the rebranded version of Xfm that the mobile app and website for the digital station crashed, prompting many to complain they could not hear the show.

Moyles, 41, kicked off by mocking the controversy caused by Radio X's self-professed "male-focused" rock tag, by playing Girls Aloud's Love Machine as his first track.

He said: "You're gonna love this haters," before adding: "Girls are allowed as men and everybody else."

Moyles said: "There's been a lot of 'confused' press about Radio X. A lot of people took that as Radio X being a radio station for blokes. That was news to me ... Let me be the first of many Radio X DJs to say 'That's a load of balls'. I don't care if you're male, female, gay, straight, white, black.

"It was just a marketing thing - it should never have gone out in the press release. It's not a radio version of a Yorkie bar, it's just a radio station."

The DJ then went on to delight listeners by introducing Noel Gallagher as his first guest for a lad-to-lad chat about Oasis and trashing hotel rooms.

#MoylesIsBack was soon trending on social media.

Tom Russell wrote: "MoylesIsBack with Noel! Glad to have some proper banter again in the morning. Cheers @ChrisMoyles"

Steve Heard tweeted: "Like he's never been away. Noel Gallagher was brilliant. @ChrisMoyles @RadioX #MoylesIsBack"

And Jamie Sanderson said: "So happy to have @ChrisMoyles back on the radio! The saviour has returned!"

Moyles - who handed over the breakfast slot on BBC Radio 1 to Nick Grimshaw in September 2012 after more than ight years at the helm - has reunited with newsreader Dominic Byrne and his former Radio 1 producer Pippa Taylor. Xfm's Dave Masterman completes the team.

But Moyles's return to morning radio was somewhat dampened by many listeners being unable to tune in.

@SuperPixelCube complained on Twitter: "@RadioX The app keeps crashing! Making it difficult to listen! It's good to hear Chris Moyles though! #MoylesIsBack"

And @Ollieworld tweeted: "Chris Moyles has broken the Internet. App has crashed. Great to have him back in a morning #thechrismoylesshow"

And some listeners were not as enthusiastic to wake up to Moyles.

Siobhan Horan tweeted: "Where to go now we've lost the indie music from our mornings, replaced by Chris Moyles' constant talking. #RIPXFM #RadioX"

And @thetuskenraider commented: "20mins in the car and not a single record played... So glad I listened to #xfm from start. Alternative music at its best and ruined in a instant. #radiox #chrismoyles"

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