Sunday 15 December 2019

CBB's Stephanie: I flirted with Jeremy because I missed my boyfriend

Stephanie Davis at the start of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood
Stephanie Davis at the start of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood

Celebrity Big Brother's Stephanie Davis says she has missed her boyfriend so much that she "substituted" him for fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell.

Davis was dating model Sam Reece before she went in the house, but has been engaged in an apparent flirtation with former Mr Ireland McConnell.

But as the housemates speculated that Reece could join them in the house, Davis announced she still hoped to marry her boyfriend - leaving McConnell open-mouthed.

In the diary room, she said: " My head is mashed. I've just realised everything. Like, I don't want to get upset because I'm sick of getting upset.

"I've missed Sam so much that I've had to block him out completely. Because I wouldn't have got this far. Maybe I've substituted Jez for Sam just because I've missed that contact...

"I don't want to look like a tease, do you know what I mean? Because I'm not like that. I think the world of Jez. But it's like I can't win, because I can't speak about Sam now."

Davis does not know that Reece tweeted on January 11: "Hi everyone, I will no longer be supporting Stephanie Davis ... Thanks for all your support and love you have given me!!"

But a day later he clarified: "I would never end a relationship over text or social media. I want to talk to Steph face to face."

McConnell was unimpressed with Davis's behaviour, admitting: "I hate drama. I know it's a game. I am so over it and bored of it. I'm sure you've heard her say 'What are we gonna do on the outside? Are you gonna wait?'

"What the f**** does that mean? If she didn't have any intentions with me and she has a boyfriend, would she say that? Cos I wouldn't."

Former Hollyoaks actress Davis also had a screaming argument with Ex On The Beach's Megan McKenna over a pair of borrowed tracksuit bottoms.

McKenna angrily accused Davis of "disrespectful" behaviour over an item of clothing when she discovered her wet tracksuit, which Davis had borrowed, discarded on the floor.

"Steph, are you taking the p***?" she cried. "I knew I was going to flip. No-one's to touch my stuff any more, no-one's borrowing anything!"

McKenna has already received a formal warning for a shocking and foul-mouthed tirade that led to the Big Brother security team entering the house.

She was not the only one who was upset. Gemma Collins boycotted the shopping task, opting to stay in bed, and went on a foul-mouthed rant in the diary room about the state of her hair.

She told Big Brother: "My hair - this is very expensive hair. It's f***ing frazzled, because you've only got straighteners in here, you haven't got heated rollers.

"So you can pay for me to have a new set of extensions. The f***ing hair is frazzled. Why didn't you think of putting heated rollers in here? Straighteners are what f***ing weirdos use on their hair. That's what you think of me."

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