Monday 20 January 2020

CBB viewers slam Bear and Bloor over Heavy D 'bullying'

Heavy D was chosen to survive on 'slops' for a day
Heavy D was chosen to survive on 'slops' for a day
Renee Graziano wins the chance to choose another housemate to face the chop

The treatment of Heavy D by Celebrity Big Brother contestants Stephen Bear and Lewis Bloor has left some viewers concerned about bullying.

In Big Brother's Big Risk shopping task, Storage Hunters star Heavy D was chosen to survive on "slops" for a day.

But Bear and Bloor goaded him into breaking the rules by eating a slice of cake.

The two said to him: "Having a bit of cake, mate," and pleaded: "Mate, come on, it's only a little bit. I'm sure it won't be that bad."

But despite him telling them: "No, I can't ... I can't do it," Ex On The Beach's Bear tried to feed him the food by saying "here comes the aeroplane".

Bear then persuaded his fellow housemate to eat after telling him: "Come on. You're Heavy D, mate. Heavy D would eat it."

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan commented on Twitter that it was "very uncomfortable to watch how Bear and Lewis treat Heavy D".

@Aisleyne1 wrote: "I'm SO uncomfortable with how Bear & Lewis treat @HeavyHeavyd", while@RogerSmith0909 demanded: "@bbuk Get bullies Bear & Lewis out!! So many people agree yet nothing is being done to stop their behaviour, especially towards Heavy D #cbb."

"Find it really disgusting to watch Bear and Chloe and also how that clique bully Heavy D and the rest of the house," wrote @KateShorten.

Twitter user @WellMax81 added: "Heavy D doesn't realise that he's being bullied - Bear and Lewis taking the piss for their amusement. Disgusted no one has noticed."

Thursday's episode of the Channel 5 reality show saw another twist - as Renee Graziano was able to avoid eviction by nominating another housemate, Chloe Khan.

Mob Wives star Graziano had been due to face the public vote alongside Marnie Simpson, James Whale and Bear, but in the shopping task she chose to play for her own benefit, and won a "save and replace".

Her choice led to a furious row with Bear, who has begun a sexual relationship with Khan in the house.

In Thursday's episode he was shown sucking her nipples and asking her to "audition" for him.

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