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CBB housemates talk tough times


Perez Hilton has been quizzing Celebrity Big Brother housemates on their lowest times

Perez Hilton has been quizzing Celebrity Big Brother housemates on their lowest times

Perez Hilton has been quizzing Celebrity Big Brother housemates on their lowest times

Celebrity Big Brother's newest intake of housemates have been opening up about the toughest parts of their lives, revealing tales of illness, addiction and botched plastic surgery.

Blogger Perez Hilton has been working the room, getting housemates to tell him about their personal battles and quizzed Katie Hopkins over her epilepsy.

She said of her sleep patterns: "It's a bit broken up. Wake up, go back to sleep, wake up, with my little fit things. It's kind of crazy to be around.

"A lot of people get [epilepsy] with a bang to the head, but mine's just missing a bit of brain, which might be apparent. I've seen the scan, it's really freaky."

He went on to ask her about her attitude to overweight people since making her documentary My Fat Story, and she replied: "It's definitely softened. I met a lot of people with a lot of things going on, I know people have their reasons."

But when Perez suggested she trolled people on Twitter, she answered: "I think I stand by freedom of speech."

Calum Best was another target for Perez, who wanted to know if the former ladies' man was still mates with ex Lindsay Lohan.

He admitted: "No, we don't talk. I'd like to think we're cool. I don't have a bad word to say about anything. I was pretty screwed up at the time to be fair."

Perez also sought out Jeremy Jackson, asking if the actor, who has struggled with sobriety, was drinking again.

Jeremy, who said he is now clean after a drug addiction, answered: "You just watched me drink like nine glasses of champagne."

He continued of his problems: "It's really no one thing. It's an excessive personality... It's extremist. I don't like to be defined by conditions."

But Perez told Big Brother about his concerns in the Diary Room: "The fact that Jeremy is boozing a lot, and he's just coming off a bad break up, makes me think he's not in a very mentally stable state right now.

"There's entertaining and then there's scary, and he's borderline scary."

Meanwhile, Keith Chegwin spoke to Kavana, Ken Morley and Alexander O'Neal about his own battle with the booze.

Talking about his lowest point, he said: "I was drinking two bottles of whisky a day. I'd do all the tricks - you never buy a full bottle of whisky because you can't hide it, so you'd buy two half bottles. Basically you buy three, so they can find one and you've still got two."

And Alicia Douvall revealed the trauma behind her 350-plus cosmetic surgery procedures.

The former model has had all of her implants apart from those in her breasts removed, and said: "I had to lose my looks to appreciate them, I was certified ugly. I couldn't move, I couldn't smile."

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