Wednesday 21 November 2018

Capaldi: Doctor costume for fans

Peter Capaldi wanted his Doctor Who outfit to be easy to copy
Peter Capaldi wanted his Doctor Who outfit to be easy to copy

Peter Capaldi has revealed he chose his new Doctor Who costume because he wanted it to be "easy and cheap to imitate for kids".

The Thick Of It star has so far been shown wearing several variations of a long Victorian-style jacket, shirt buttoned to the neck with no tie and hobnail-type boots, and said he wanted it to be easy for fans to dress up as his incarnation of the Time Lord.

According to Digital Spy, Peter revealed at the premiere of the new series in Cardiff: "I wanted to wear something that people could emulate without going to any great expense."

Previous versions of The Doctor have been known for elaborate and eccentric outfits including Tom Baker's long scarves, Colin Baker's bright patchwork jackets and Matt Smith's tweed jackets with a bow tie.

Peter said: "We went round with lots of scarves and velvet jackets and floppy hats... everybody wants you in a floppy hat.

"I wanted it to be starker than that, sharper. But really it's just a matter of trying stuff on until you feel like the Doctor.

"I always thought of Doctor Who as being in dark colours, I guess because I grew up seeing the show in black and white."

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