Sunday 18 August 2019

Camila Cabello: I hate social media

The 20-year-old says she only uses it because it is part of her job.

MTV Europe Music Awards 2017 – Arrivals – London
MTV Europe Music Awards 2017 – Arrivals – London

By Joe Nerssessian, Press Association

Chart-topping pop star Camila Cabello has admitted she detests social media.

The Havana singer, 20, is a frequent user of Twitter, Instagram and a number of other sites but claimed she only uses them because it is part of her job.

The former Fifth Harmony member – who has previously laid her political views bare online – announced she had completed her debut album on social media earlier this week.

But Cabello told tmrw magazine she was “not really a very public person … I’m not on there talking all the time”.

She added: “I hate social media, I only go on Twitter to interact with my fans, and you know because it’s part of my job.

“It’s part of me representing my work and realistically it’s just a part of today.

“How I speak out about things that are important to me is through my work, through what I do,” she said.

On using her platform to air political views, Cabello said: “I think in politics you can forget the human side of things, and forget that it’s people with dreams and hopes and families and I feel like that’s how I fight. By using my platform and my medium.”

The singer also revealed how touring with Bruno Mars made her realise she needed to “step up my game”.

“I need to work a lot harder to get on that level. Sometimes it’s real, you have to check yourself.

“Bruno is obviously, you know leagues ahead of where I am,” she added.

Her single Havana, featuring Young Thug, has held the UK chart top spot for the past three weeks after three consecutive weeks at number two.

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