Sunday 18 February 2018

Caitlyn Jenner shares heartfelt message after two transgender women murdered

Caitlyn Jenner on E's I Am Cait
Caitlyn Jenner on E's I Am Cait newsdesk and agencies

Caitlyn Jenner has shared her condolences after two transgender women were murdered.

The 65-year-old star is enjoying life as a woman after previously being known as Bruce, and is raising awareness with her new status.

In a touching post on her blog last night, Caitlyn spoke of the dangers people in a similar position to her face.

"Last week two transgender women were murdered named India Clarke and K.C. Haggard. 11 trans women have been killed in the United States in the past six months - most of them trans women of color (sic)," she wrote.

"My condolences to those who loved India, K.C., and all of the other victims. No one should be killed simply because they are transgender."

K.C. was stabbed in Fresno, California, on July 23, while India's body was found two days earlier near a playground in Florida.

Fellow transgender star Laverne Cox wrote an emotional post on Instagram shortly after India's murder, sharing her fear that she could be next.

Caitlyn and Laverne met for the first time earlier this month at the premiere of the former athlete's reality show I Am Cait. The pair have been completely in awe of each other while supporting LGBTQ rights.

Caitlyn has also reached out to the younger generation, as seen during her programme. She addressed this in her blog on Monday and highlighted the problem of transgender youths committing suicide.

"In San Diego alone, over the last several months there have been three transgender kids who’ve died by suicide," Caitlyn wrote. "The latest you might have heard about last night on my show - Kyler Prescott, a 14-year-old trans boy who not only dealt with trans issues, but also suffered from severe depression. Sadly, he wasn’t able to make it between the combination of the two."

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