Sunday 8 December 2019

Caitlin Moran reveals fear of dying before her work is complete

Caitlin Moran admits she is a heavy smoker
Caitlin Moran admits she is a heavy smoker

Writer Caitlin Moran has revealed her deepest fear of dying before documenting all the stories she has planned.

The Raised By Wolves creator also predicted her death would be the result of lung cancer, as she "cannot stop smoking".

Her comments came during an in-depth interview with Kirsty Young on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on Sunday.

Asked what advice she would give herself, the mother-of-two, said: "You will die soon so keep writing.

"Once you start making a list of all the stories that haven't been told, the characters you have seen, it's a lifetime's work and I panic that I won't even get a third of the way through it before I die."

Now marking 25 years as a columnist at The Times, Moran, 41, became noted for her literary talent at a young age, starting work on her first book at 13.

She has since become known for her candid commentary on feminism, sex, and her life growing up in a large family on benefits before moving to London as a teenager.

"Brought up as a child of Thatcher you are taught that the cream will rise and that if you do have innate talent you will progress," she said.

"But if that was true then there would be a lot of other people who were raised on benefits who got jobs like mine, but I am the exception."

She continued: " Culture and art and the media are supposed to be a mirror to show us what we are, but that mirror is so hopelessly broken and distorted that we do not see who we are as a country.

"If we cannot see what we are, how can we progress and have any politics?

"That is why it is incredibly important to me to be a part of that mirror to people who are on benefits and say "You are seen, you are heard, I will talk about your story"."

Her hit television series, Raised By Wolves, dramatised her own life growing up in Wolverhampton.

While the show is now off air, reports have emerged that a US version is in the making, set in the American Midwest.

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