Saturday 21 September 2019

Bupsi blames Simon Cowell's choice of song for her X Factor exit

X Factor finalist Bupsi was the first act to be eliminated from this year's live heats (Syco/Thames TV/PA)
X Factor finalist Bupsi was the first act to be eliminated from this year's live heats (Syco/Thames TV/PA)

Bupsi, the first contestant voted out of The X Factor 2015, said she is glad Simon Cowell "took responsibility" for his part in her exit.

The music mogul, who is mentoring the Overs category, apologised to the 37-year-old during Saturday night's live show for the song choice of You're A Wonderful One by Marvin Gaye.

"I was happy because you're admitting, otherwise people are going to think I've chosen it, it's down to me," the Leeds singer said.

"I'm not trying to bad-mouth Simon and disrespect him, I don't want to disrespect the man, I'm not here to do that. But it was the truth and I'm glad he spoke the truth rather than make me go away feeling really cheesed off with myself.

"I'm glad he took responsibility and took that off me because it wasn't down to me. It was just the wrong decision. I just wish that mistake hadn't happened with me because I don't think I should've left that competition at all because there's no-one else like me in that competition. This is The X Factor, this is not The Voice," she stated.

On Sunday it was announced that Bupsi polled the lowest number of votes from the public. "For me, The X Factor means you've got to bring a bit of this and a bit of that," she observed.

"There's a lot more to this girl than you think, but I just haven't had time to showcase it the way I want. It's a shame, but at the same time I'm really grateful to Simon for opening the door to me in the first place. I enjoyed every moment that I was given. My regret is that song."

She added: "If I could change anything, it would be that song because that song kicked me out the door, basically. That song did not convince anybody, that song disappointed everyone. I was bringing something else. I just wanted that to continue because I could've been that girl, in fact, I still am that girl. It just didn't connect at all."

However, she did have some good memories of the competition: "The most exciting one for me was definitely my first audition because that just came from nowhere. I was jumping off things, climbing on things, spinning around, throwing my hat, going upstairs, jumping down the stairs. I felt like Bruce Lee! I felt fearless."

Talking about her journey, she recalled: "My worst moment was boot camp, the second audition. I was really ill with this viral infection and all the way up to the Six Chair Challenge, even the Judges' Houses, I wasn't well. Judges' Houses I caught a cold so that was a shame. And then I had this viral infection that just didn't want to leave me so it was kind of a struggle for me. "

Recalling her favourite moment with her mentor, she said: "First audition was my funniest moment. I wasn't scared of Simon, the banter moment was just great. We just bounced off each other."

Asked who she thought would win, Bupsi didn't hesitate: "The people's favourite is definitely Louisa Johnson, but I think Che Chesterman is stepping up as well. I wouldn't really put money on anyone right now because I think everybody's got some weight and there will probably be more surprises from Santa Claus. And it's not even Christmas yet so expect the unexpected."

Bupsi remains optimistic about her career: "I need a really good night and me mum's cooking and I need to see my little cat. I need to give myself some time to reflect on my journey and see where I'm going. Is Bupsi dead and buried? No she's not, she's very much alive."

The X Factor is next broadcast on Saturday November 7 on ITV at 8pm.

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