Monday 19 February 2018

Brian May sticks the boot into Brexit 'disaster'

Brian May has told Good Morning Britain that the Brexit campaign was founded on lies
Brian May has told Good Morning Britain that the Brexit campaign was founded on lies

Brian May has said the aftermath of the EU referendum has been "a disaster" for the UK because of the lack of preparation.

The Queen guitarist talked about Brexit on Monday during an interview with Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

May told the presenters: "My first reaction was it's a disaster because nobody had a plan."

He added: "I don't blame the voters for voting out because I think they were given very good reasons - the reasons turned out to be lies, unfortunately.

"They all got worried about immigration and they got worried about being dictated to by foreigners or whatever.

"But, of course, Brexit will not fix those things and that's the terrible thing.

"I have every sympathy with people in Wigan who thought, 'Let's reclaim Britain,' but it ain't going to happen."

Animal rights campaigner May, 68, appeared on ITV's breakfast show to discuss the Team Badger campaign.

It was set up to oppose the Government's cull of badgers to combat bovine tuberculosis.

But he also touched on the increase in racist incidents reported in the UK post-Brexit as he discussed Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican US presidential nominee.

"Trump is a very dangerous man," May said.

"I think that whole extreme right thing is a very terrible place for us to be going in the world. I hate to see the racial stuff that's coming up in this country as well."

The music star said: "I find it deeply upsetting, so yes, there's a bit of partisan thought there."

On the subject of Team Badger, May told Morgan and Reid that there would be a presentation to the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Leading animal welfare groups - including the RSPCA, Badger Trust and The League Against Cruel Sports - have joined together to raise awareness and drum up support on the issue.

May hailed the public's reaction to the campaign: "It's showing the fact that people, in the midst of all this chaos, actually still care about animals, which I think is great."

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