Sunday 17 December 2017

Boyzone's Mikey Graham is the latest celebrity to be targeted by new Revenue scam

Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Boyzone's Mikey Graham has become the first celebrity to be targeted by a new Revenue scam that attempts to dupe members of the public out of thousands of euros. 

A gang of fraudsters targetted the singer this week and tried to elicit money out of the self-employed artist via his iTunes acccount. 

He was clearly left shaken after being contacted by a group with "Asian, Indian-type accent" who were "very threatening" in their manner and threatened him with jail if he didn't comply with their demands. 

He took to social media this afternoon to warn others to be extra vigilant when taking unsolicited calls of this nature, saying that he knew it wasn't a legitimate phone call when they couldn't quote his PPS number. 

"Alert to everyone. I received a fraudulent call from +3531 5133444 pretending that I owed tax money and to pay it in the next 1.30 hours. 

"Please be aware that they are very threatening and tell you the only way to pay is through iTunes. Thankfully, all my taxes are always in order. 

"But they said I would be arrested and jailed if I did not comply. But they could not quote my social security number to me. Please spread the word so no-one else has to endure what I just went through. 

"They had Asian, Indian-type accents and were very stern and authoritative sounding."

As revealed last week on, the new scan sees fake Revenue employees asking potential victims to transfer their 'tax settlement' in iTunes vouchers. 

The Office of the Revenue Commissioner has warned the public to be vigilant to these kind of scams which they say are "very common." 

One man contacted his website to say that he was contacted by a Dublin number and a computerised message told him a legal notice was being served against him. 

When he rang the number back, he was told by a man with an Indian accent that he owed more than €3,000 due to a "miscalculation" in tax, dating back to 2013. 

The individual in question had recently paid a Revenue tax bill. 

He was subsequently given an hour and a half to transfer the funds via n iTunes voucher and to keep the issue confidential as he was being given "special treatment." 

But when the man he was speaking to requested his PPS number, he hung up the phone.

Anyone who receives a correspondence from someone claiming to be from the Revenue should verify this by contacted its Collector General's Division. 

Mikey Graham has been contacted for further comment. 

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