Thursday 22 March 2018

Boris 'grows' terrorists, says Russell Brand in online rant

Comedian Russell Brand.
Comedian Russell Brand.

Russell Brand has accused Boris Johnson of growing terrorists in his latest online rant.

On Sunday the London mayor put an end to months of speculation, saying that David Cameron's re-negotiation had failed to deliver fundamental change in Britain's relationship with Brussels and that he would be campaigning to leave the EU.

After the announcement by the Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP, Brand posted a 45-second video clip on his Facebook page accusing Boris of growing Jihadi Johns.

The Islamic State fighter and executioner, Mohammed Emwazi, was given the nickname of Jihadi John in 2014 after the terrorist group published a video of him appearing to behead the US hostage, journalist James Foley.

Brand's video begins with Boris discussing on an LBC radio show how those that glorify the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers should be on the receiving end of any anger.

The former husband of Katy Perry slams the Tory MP claiming that he is "wrong" and that you need to "look at why they are violent in order to stop the violence".

He added: "The mentality of Boris Johnson creates more problems, the allegiances of Boris Johnson creates more problems, the activities of organisations that he belongs to that he supports create these problems.

"Boris Johnson grows Jihadi Johns, he is a Jihadi John machine, Jihadi John is just one. B ut once Jihadi John is dead that is the end of Jihadi John, but Boris Johnson can create thousands of others."

But even fans of the comedian were left questioning the logic behind his latest rant.

Claire Custard said on social media: "Yes Boris Johnson maybe a diehard conservative with an allegiance to oligarchs , tax dodgers and general corporate scum but how the hell is he responsible for the likes of Jihadi John?"

Jane King added: "Russell Brand the biggest gob on the planet who would do anything for attention! I think you talked more sense when you were on drugs mate!"

While Brian Rowe branded the comedian a "crackpot" in a comment under his latest video.

Despite pledging to stay out of politics after Ed Miliband lost the general election for Labour last year, Brand posted the clip which has so far garnered more than 247,00 views.

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