Monday 16 September 2019

Bobby Beale revealed as Lucy killer

Bobby Beale was revealed as the killer of Lucy Beale (BBC)
Bobby Beale was revealed as the killer of Lucy Beale (BBC)

Bobby Beale has been revealed as the character who killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders.

In a shocking twist at the end of the second of tonight's part-live episodes, t he child was unveiled as his sister's killer.

So nearly a year since Lucy's death, viewers finally found out the truth about how the 20-year-old Walford woman came to die.

Standing in the front room of their house and clutching what appeared to be the murder weapon, Bobby told his step-mother Jane: "Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy."

Viewers were whisked back to the night of Lucy's murder in April last year, with a haunting shot of her body coming back to life to start the long-awaited episode.

It was clear nothing was going to be given away too soon, with every suspect making an appearance in the first few minutes with varying degrees of menace.

But it was an unlikely murderer unmasked in Albert Square tonight, as tiny Bobby Beale was discovered standing over his sister's lifeless body.

Lucy said it best herself when she confided in Jane towards the start of the episode: "Tonight is out to get me."

After being stalked home by Jay, confronted by Ben, abused by Abi and attacked by Denise, she finally met her end at the hands of her youngest brother.

Guilt was dispelled at every turn, with the blood found on Max's clothes shown to be from Lucy's nosebleed and her jewellery at Jake's flat knocked off as she helped him home.

A tense final few moments saw more suspects eliminated as Peter, Max and Whitney all thought better of visiting Lucy and the first episode's prime suspect, Jane, turned out to be the first on the scene.

In a confusing twist, young Bobby was not listed as one of the show's 14 chief suspects publicised by the show in the build-up to the finale.

Earlier viewers were left stunned after Kathy Beale returned from the dead to confront Phil Mitchell.

Previously thought to have been killed in a car crash, Kathy was last seen on the show in 2000 and had been a regular fixture on the show 1985.

Meanwhile, a dramatic climax to the night's first episode left those watching convinced that Jane Beale was Lucy's killer after Ian angrily confronted her at the family home.

Both Kathy Beale's her return and the identity of Lucy's true murderer were shrouded in secrecy by the BBC, but Ian dropped several hints throughout that the person responsible was a family member, hinting to Mick Carter that terrible things could be done by "someone you love".

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