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'Being a new mum is a bootcamp in itself but it is the best feeling ever' - Kathryn Thomas


WORKOUT MUM: Kathryn Thomas shapes up for summer. Picture: David Conachy

WORKOUT MUM: Kathryn Thomas shapes up for summer. Picture: David Conachy

WORKOUT MUM: Kathryn Thomas shapes up for summer. Picture: David Conachy

Kathryn Thomas's health and fitness bootcamp starts next weekend in Co Meath.

But new mother Kathryn told the Sunday Independent that she gets plenty of exercise at home "because being a full-time mum is a bootcamp in itself!".

"But it's the best feeling in the world. I've a new best friend," she said of Ellie, who was born on March 23.

"I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to bootcamp," she said of the Pure Results weekend.

"This will be my first time really doing any proper exercise since Ellie was born. I'm staying off the vino and planning a healthy bank holiday weekend."

The Operation Transformation presenter described Ellie as the most perfect thing she's ever seen and said that mum and dad (Kathryn and fiance Padraig, who plan to marry in 2019) are totally and utterly in love with the new arrival.

The RTE star - who last February spoke bravely on The Late Late Show about having suffered two miscarriages as she and Padraig tried for a baby - added that: "Padraig and I feel so blessed."

"People keep saying has she changed your world? I don't feel like that. She's added to it. She is the next part of our adventure.

"In fact, I'm heading over to my sister in LA in a couple of weeks' time. And I can't wait.

"It will be Ellie's first time on a plane and I'm having the sweats already. I might have to try that goodie bag trick that Niall Horan was tweeting about which I thought was just great."

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"Two dads had their newborn on their first flight and tried to appease travellers by giving them a goodie bag on take-off along with a cute photo of their newborn apologising in advance for any crying!" she said.

"I've always admired how the Aer Lingus air crew manage upset babies and children on flights. So I might just hand Ellie over to one of them and run down the back and hide behind the drinks trolley," Kathryn said.

"My sister lives in Venice Beach and it is like a home away from home for me. So we'll do lots of hanging out, lots of buggy jogging along the boardwalks and spend a weekend in Santa Barbara.

"I never really go more than a five-mile radius from her house. She has great neighbours and it's a really lovely community where she lives. Then we will take our family holiday when Padraig takes some time off later in the summer."

So if you're looking for something different to do this June bank holiday, join Kathryn and her Pure Results fitness team at the Johnstown Estate, Enfield, Co Meath, on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3.

"The two-day, one-night bootcamp is for all ages and all fitness levels. The classes are a mix of low and high intensity, including boxing circuits, yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

"Don't worry about whether you think you're able. You absolutely are!

"My trainers ensure everybody works out together but you go at your own pace and do things in your own time.

"There's no screaming or shouting except maybe from baby Ellie.

"Our onsite chef cooks incredible food all weekend so you can rock back into work on Tuesday feeling re-energised, focused, healthier and probably a bit smug for staying off the wine!"

For more information, go to pureresultsbootcamp.com

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