Wednesday 16 October 2019

Before they were famous: 12 of the best Irish celebrity makeovers

Actress Amy Huberman has always been a natural beauty...
(L): Amy at an audition in 2003
(R): Amy pictured last week at the premiere of The Stag
Actress Amy Huberman has always been a natural beauty... (L): Amy at an audition in 2003 (R): Amy pictured last week at the premiere of The Stag
Ireland's Sexiest Man has always had a soft spot for the camera... (L): Bressie posing in 1998 as the Leinster Youth Captain (R): He's the eye candy on The Voice of Ireland and often considered Ireland's hottest hunk
It wouldn't be fair to include Bressie without featuring his other half, Roz Purcell (L): Before being crowned Miss Universe Ireland, Roz was just a fresh-faced UCD student trying her hand at modelling (R): She's worked everywhere from South Africa to New York and is one of Ireland's biggest modelling successes in recent years
Kathryn has been in the limelight more than a decade... (L): The RTE star in her first tv hosting role (R): She hosts one of the nation's biggest shows - Operation Transformation
He's always been a hunk... (L): Kearney poses in his first photo call during his early Leinster days (R): He finds time to crack a smile during training
Luke Fitzgerald showed an early aptitude for sport... (L): Luke was snapped by one of our photographers playing GAA as a child (R): His official IRFU portrait this year
Rosanna Davison has always been a stunner, and she's clearly never been shy to show off her incredible figure (L): She wore a very (very) risque ensemble modelling at the UCD Fashion Show in 2003, before being crowned Miss World (R): Rosanna is famous for her brains and beauty and a fashion force to be reckoned with
Yvonne seems to be Ireland's original model mum (L): In the early days of her modelling career, Yvonne was more hippie chic than hooked on couture (R): She's one of the country's most stylish women and tailored to perfection
After nearly 10 years, Vogue Williams has got her modelling style down to a T. (L): She models in her first ever photoshoot in 2003. (R): A virtually unrecognisable Vogue is one of the most in-demand models around
Kian Egan as never been shy in front of the camera (L): He was one fifth of I.O.U - the Sligo boyband before Westlife (R): He's embarked on a solo career and
Amanda Byram is one of those rare success stories who transitions from model to bonafide tv star (L): In her early days in the spotlight, Amanda was one of the original photocall girls on the Irish modelling scene (R): Byram divides her time between Dublin, London and LA and is undoubtedly our most successful tv export
Georgia Salpa went from FAS girl to FHM sweetheart in a matter of years - with a few bikinis in between (L): She became an overnight sensation after landing the FAS campaign in 2003, when she preferred a more natural look (R): Georgia was named the fifth sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine

We're used to seeing them dolled up to the nines, but, like the rest of us, even the most glamorous of Irish celebrities have a cringeworthy photo or two.

We dug through the archives to find photos of some of our best known celebrities from the fashion, sport and television world.

From Amy Huberman to Kian Egan to Vogue Williams, no matter the age, gender or profession, we unearthed some of our favourite images from the past.

Now, it's time to party like it's 1999.

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