Sunday 19 January 2020

Barking mad! Mariah Carey 'spends €20k for five star dog hotel'

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey has reportedly splashed out €19,000 for her pooches to stay in a dog hotel.

The flamboyant singer treats her hounds as part of the family, which means she believes they deserve a relaxing holiday at times too. With this in mind, she has apparently arranged for Jill E Beans, The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Pipitty Jackson, Cha Cha, Jackie Lamb Chops, JJ, Squeak E Beans and Mutley P Gore Jackson The Third to have a break at The Paw Seasons hotel in Bristol, UK.

"They’ll be washed, groomed, taken on day trips, sleep in their own hotel beds and the chefs will cook them personalised meals according to a menu plan Mariah’s sending over," an insider told British magazine Heat.

While The Paw Seasons hasn't confirmed the stay, it has released a statement which hinted that Mariah's pampered pooches were being looked after at the establishment.

"Most of our guests arrive with a good supply of their usual food, but if [clients] want us to order in a couple of juicy organic steaks, we'll organise it," it said.

As if spending thousands on a dog hotel wasn't enough, Mariah ensured her pets travelled to the UK in style too. Nothing is too much for her four-legged friends, which ramped up the vacation costs exceptionally.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

"She's even spending €125,000 to charter a private jet to the UK for their luxury break," the source said.

Dogs that stay at The Paw Seasons are encouraged to go surfing, play board games and watch movies such as 101 Dalmatians. Last year the firm hit the headlines when it offered a luxury break package to guests, coming in at €50,000. It included limousine transfers, reiki treatments, pedicures, runs with Olympic hurdler Dai Greene and coats by Mulberry.

Mariah is known to be one to spoil her pooches, with claims she spends €30,000 on grooming them. British newspaper The Mirror reported the hounds get monthly cuts and blow dries, as well as blueberry facials and full body wraps.

"She’s obsessed with how they smell after one [of the facials]," a source previously said.

“The facials are also great for getting rid of doggy wrinkles, so everyone’s a winner."

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