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Ball's safety woes in ladder scene


Michael Ball stars in That Day We Sang

Michael Ball stars in That Day We Sang

Michael Ball stars in That Day We Sang

Michael Ball has revealed he had to sign a safety disclaimer to climb up a ladder for a scene in new TV musical That Day We Sang.

The West End actor stars with Imelda Staunton in the musical written and directed by Victoria Wood, which will air on BBC Two over Christmas.

Ball and Staunton play middle-aged couple Enid and Tubby, who find love after taking part in a documentary about a choir they both sang in as children.

In one scene in the musical, set in Manchester in 1969, Tubby climbs a ladder to serenade Enid through a window.

Ball confessed: "I didn't enjoy the ladder scene. It was scary - it wasn't like a nice, proper ladder, it was a proper old period ladder."

But the 52-year-old singer revealed he refused to wear a harness for the stunt.

Ball explained: "I wouldn't have one, I had one for a bit, they said health and safety...

"I said 'I can't have a harness, because I have to go up and down and I have to sing. I've got to be able to this'. And they said, 'Ooh well, you'll have to sign a disclaimer'."

He joked: "I do all my own stunts, I'm like Tom Cruise."

Wood said Ball's co-star Ian Lavender also had to step in to help with safety precautions.

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She explained: "Michael climbs up and down the ladder all by himself. He had to have Ian Lavender at the bottom with his good foot on the bottom. That was the only way the health and safety people would allow him to climb up the ladder if Ian Lavender was there.

"And at one point Ian Lavender got there a bit early and his nose was right up Michael's bottom, so we had to change that!"

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