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Artist Kevin Sharkey arrested over alleged art theft


Artist Kevin Sharkey Picture: Collins

Artist Kevin Sharkey Picture: Collins

Artist Kevin Sharkey Picture: Collins

Renowned artist Kevin Sharkey has been arrested after he was accused of stealing a collection of paintings.

Mr Sharkey claims he did not steal the paintings as they were his and he destroyed them two years ago.

The Dublin-based painter (54), whose fans include Kate Moss and the late Whitney Houston, was met outside his Balbriggan home by four gardai on Monday evening.

"It was quite the surprise to see these four men outside my home waiting to frog march me to Pearse Street Garda Station," he told the Herald.


"It was also quite humiliating having all my neighbours looking on as if I was Jack the Ripper."

He told gardai no crime had been committed when questioned.

Mr Sharkey told the officers that he had destroyed the paintings in 2014 because they "were inferior works of art".

"I took a can of petrol and the paintings down an alley off Molesworth Street and set them alight," Mr Sharkey said.

"I'd do it again because they just weren't very good and I didn't want them showing up at auction."

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Following his arrest, Mr Sharkey spent four hours in a holding cell.

"To be fair to the detectives, they were very understanding once I was able to explain the situation.

"But still, it was very stressful. I've never sat in a cell before in my life and it's not an experience I'd recommend for anyone," he added.

A Garda spokesperson confirmed that they had arrested a man in his 50s in connection with the alleged theft of paintings.

A file is being prepared for the DPP.

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