Sunday 15 September 2019

Artist Allen Jones revisits Kate Moss for latest exhibition

Pop artist Allen Jones with his work A Model Model
Pop artist Allen Jones with his work A Model Model

Kate Moss has been sculpted in stainless steel wearing a risque low-cut gown.

Artist Allen Jones is revisiting the subject of the supermodel in his latest exhibition, with figures such as Sam Taylor-Johnson and Mario Testino already among those who have used Moss as a muse.

The work entitled "A Model Model" depicts Moss with a polished stainless steel body and a spray painted cast resin bust - and is part of Jones' Colour Matters showcase.

Hailed as one of the most significant artists of the last century, Jones photographed Moss for a striking portrait called Body Armour in 2013 - showing the star wearing a body cast sculpture he made in 1978.

Other highlights of the exhibition include Green Shoes and Black Shoes (both 2015) - sculptures that explore abstraction and figuration in a less descriptive manner than much of Jones' past work.

Totemic columns rendered in transparent perspex contain real clothing, including a pair of 60s vintage high-heels and a green sequin bikini.

In The Blue Gymnast WIP (2014), a fibreglass mannequin of a female figure wears a skin-tight blue leotard using a varying colour palette of blues. In Let's Dance (also 2015), figures are executed in abstract shapes made from interlocking sheets of aluminium that twirl into the three-dimensional.

Over the past 40 years, Jones' work has been exhibited around the world in both solo and group exhibitions - with a major retrospective taking place at the Royal Academy in London in 2014.

Allen Jones: Colour Matters is at Marlborough Fine Art from November 25 to January 23.

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