Monday 27 January 2020

'Arthur and I have fights about having kids'- Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling and husband Arthur Gourounlian
Brian Dowling and husband Arthur Gourounlian

Sean O'Grady

Brian Dowling has said his husband Arthur Gourounlian is more eager than he is about being a dad.

The couple have had arguments over when they should adopt, and although Brian was all for the idea in the past, the Big Brother winner has now revealed he likes his life the way it is.

"We have numerous conversations. We have had arguments about it. When are we doing it? Are we going now?" he told the Diary.

"I would say now Arthur wants them more whereas before I was more keen. Now I'm thinking, I like my own life. I like being able to get out of bed when I want."

The Kildare man is also unsure about how raising a family would work with the couple's busy schedules.

"I like being able to travel with work. Arthur travels a lot with work and he wouldn't be able to bring a baby with him," he said.

The pair married in July last year and the reception took place at the Powerscourt Hotel. Guests included Louis Walsh, Tess Daly and Pippa O'Connor.

Brian took Arthur's second name to combine it with his own and now uses it on documents.

"The whole children thing is important to us," said Brian. "If we have children, what are they going to be called? So I thought we better have the same surname.

"I think it's nice when you're a couple to have the same name. A double-barrel sounds nice."

When they do adopt, Brian admitted he wants to have a daughter and isn't sure he could take care of a son.

"I have six sisters so I could look after a little girl, but I'm not sure I could look after a boy," he said.

"I might still have to dress him in pink privately once we're blessed with a baby either way.

"But I'd probably buy a dress and just leave it hanging."


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