Monday 25 March 2019

Anti-circumcision group name Bono as 'Foreskin Enemy #2'


Freya Drohan

Protesters in Canada have labelled U2 frontman Bono as 'Foreskin Enemy #2' as they are unhappy with his work with various HIV/AIDS charities.

The Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP) protested outside the Irish rock group's concert in Montreal last night.


The group, ran by Glen Callender, are calling for Bono to rethink his endorsement of circumcisions with the charities and organisations he works with.

Dressed in a cap, underwear and a long-sleeved black shirt emblazoned with the slogan 'I heart my foreskin', Glen Callender and his followers have protested outside the U2 Innocence + Experience concerts and will continue to do so for the North American leg of the tour.

The Canadian native also carries a placard which read, 'We condemn Bono's support for mass circumcision'.

Speaking to VICE Magazine in May, Callendar spoke about the correlation between circumcision and HIV/AIDS - giving the statistic that circumcised men are 60 percent less likely to become infected during intervourse with a HIV-positive female.


He adds that for the last decade, dad-of-four Bono and his organisations have been promoting circumcision as a means of combating the epidemic.

"I don't think Bono doesn't mean well, but what we really have going on in Africa is that people are desperate for solutions, and there's a group of people who decided in the '90s that circumcision would be a good solution," Callendar told the publication.

"It's a coin toss," he added. "Whether or not there's a foreskin doesn't really have an impact because it's a behavioural issue," says Callender. "You get HIV from having unprotected sex with infected people, whether or not you have a foreskin."

Callender concluded that circumcision is a painful, risky procedure that is completely unnecessary.

"Ultimately it comes down to understanding that it's harmful, when you circumcise a baby boy you're permanently damaging his penis, for his whole life he is never going to have the full sexual experience, he will never know how his penis was meant to feel during masturbation and sex, because every experience he'll have with his penis is edited," he stated.

Callender added that Bono is essentially being hypocritical, as he himself has not been circumcised.

"His Irish passport says he hasn't, because in Ireland circumcision is almost unheard of. So his passport says he hasn't been circumcised, but his falsetto makes me wonder. But I do think he probably has his foreskin."

Callender has reached out to Bono via his manager, but is yet to make contact with the signer.

(Bill Gates has been labelled 'Foreskin Enemy #1' due to his extensive work in Africa.)

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