Thursday 5 December 2019

Ant and Dec want Cat Deeley reunion

Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley on SM:TV's Chums
Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley on SM:TV's Chums

Ant and Dec have said they would love to team up with Cat Deeley again for a special episode of SM:TV.

The Geordie duo presented the ITV Saturday morning kids' show with sidekick Cat from 1998 to 2001, but admitted they don't see much of her now that she lives and works in LA.

Ant told the Mail Online: "We have talked about doing a Saturday morning special, but we're all pretty busy at the moment. If we had the time we'd love to."

Dec added: "We don't see an awful lot of Cat, we do hear from her every now and again and keep in touch. We're actually due a reunion."

Talking about which sketches from the show he'd like to revisit, Dec said: "I'd love to do Chums, and see where the Chums are now.

"The thing that I miss more than anything is doing Saturday morning telly. It was the best, best, best three years."

Ant agreed: "Ah it was brilliant, and it was that thing where it didn't matter if it was always good, because you just kind of moved on really. And with Saturday morning it was never expected to be brilliant so if an item didn't work we could just laugh it off or throw it to Cat."

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