Saturday 24 August 2019

Another miserable Christmas in store for the residents of Albert Square

Phil Mitchell is played by Steve McFadden
Phil Mitchell is played by Steve McFadden

Albert Square looks set to be a grim place to spend the festive season, as Phil Mitchell's health deteriorates.

Viewers will see the Walford stalwart, played by Steve McFadden, succumb further to the liver failure and low moods that are a result of his alcoholism in what could be his last Christmas with the soap.

Phil is yet to discover that Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is carrying his baby from a one-night stand earlier in the year that he is apparently unable to remember, while Denise will not be enjoying a relaxing Christmas day either.

In a trailer for the festive period, as the other residents of the square urge him to fight his illness, he says: "There's nothing here for me now."

Phil's nearest and dearest, including Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), are expected to get some bad news about him in the coming days.

However Sharon will have her former best friend to comfort her through the difficult period, following the return of Michelle Fowler to Walford after more than 20 years away.

Michelle, now played by Jenna Russell, was recognised instantly by Sharon after stepping out of a black cab in Christmas eve's episode.

Elsewhere, Max Branning (Jake Wood) makes his return to Walford and he is on the warpath after being framed by the Beales for their daughter Lucy's murder.

And there could be drama over the dinner table for the Carters as Lee's (Danny-Boy Hatchard) secrets bring his mood even lower and his father Mick (Danny Dyer) warns that he needs to talk things through with his wife Whitney (Shona McGarty) to save their relationship - but will she be able to forgive his misdemeanours?

:: EastEnders airs Sunday on BBC1 at 9.25pm.

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