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Anna Geary on throwing away the wedding 'rulebook' and putting her own stamp on the big day

Anna Geary
Anna Geary

Aoife Walsh

Anna Geary has opened up about why she and her fiancé Kevin Sexton have decided to throw away the wedding "rule book" and put their "own stamp" on the big day.

The Ireland's Fittest Family star and Cork star is currently run off her feet as she and her partner Kevin are not only planning for their October wedding, but are also in the middle of moving into a new house.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Anna said she has managed to keep calm by throwing away the wedding "rule book", and is putting her and Kevin's "own stamp" on their day.

"It's Kev and I, it's our friends and family. Once we both turn up on the day, once there's loads of food and great music, well then it's a party for our loved ones to share with us," she told

"People are talking about the 'rules' of weddings, and I'm thinking hang on a second, I didn't get that rulebook. Where is this rule book? Does it exist? Things like your drinks reception has to be this, you have to have prosecco, your speeches have to be 'x' amount of time. Don't get me wrong, we're not going to reinvent the wheel with our wedding but there are some things that we're changing to suit ourselves. That for me is very important because it puts your own stamp on your wedding.

"We're moving into a new home now as well and if anything the decision of picking tiles and kitchens and that is nearly more stressful than the wedding," she said.

Anna Geary and Mairead Ronan at the RTÉ autumn 2019 schedule launch. Picture: Colin Keegan/Collins
Anna Geary and Mairead Ronan at the RTÉ autumn 2019 schedule launch. Picture: Colin Keegan/Collins

Anna and Kevin got engaged in September of last year after he popped the question at Castlemartyr Resort in Anna's home county, Cork. She said that her mother has been her right-hand woman throughout the wedding planning, as well as her three bridesmaids.

"Having a good soundboard is important. Someone that will tell you if it is something to fret about. That for me is my mam. She's very pragmatic and very practical. She's somebody that I can call upon if I do feel myself getting stressed.

"My three bridesmaids are fab. They're all very busy people, one of them has become a mom over the last few months, one has a new business opened in the last few months, and the other just got engaged. They all have their own lives as well. I love having them involved," Anna said.

Last week, Anna and her closest pals, including Dancing With The Stars winner Mairead Ronan, headed to Dingle to celebrate her last few months before becoming a wife. Despite having a group of best friends around her, Anna said she picked three girls that have stood beside her throughout thick and thin to be her bridesmaids.

Anna Geary at the RTÉ autumn 2019 schedule launch. Picture: Colin Keegan/Collins
Anna Geary at the RTÉ autumn 2019 schedule launch. Picture: Colin Keegan/Collins

She said, "I have five or six really great friends, and I'm really grateful. When it came down to it, it was girls that, if I was ever in trouble or needed someone to talk to they'd be there at the drop of a hat with the kettle on and if I needed them would drive up to Dublin in a heartbeat. Those friends that will tell you when you don't look good in a dress, to me that's the real side of friendship.

"I tried on wedding dresses with the three girls for them to get to know each other at the beginning, and the personalities started coming out and one of them was like, 'don't even come out in the dress because I know it won't suit you'."ding dress, but is looking forward to Kevin finally seeing her waltzing down the aisle in the special gown.

"I went around a good few places before I eventually decided that it was the one for me. I suppose when I met Paula King in Tamem Michael, we ended up deciding to create a bespoke dress because I saw bits of dresses I liked but none of them in the one dress.

"The only person who knows anything about my dress is my own mother, and that's the only person will know until those double doors open. Once you feel good in yourself, and the person at the top of the aisle thinks you look good, well that's all that matters."

Anna was speaking as part of Active Ireland's launch for National Fitness Day.

On this year’s National Fitness Day, 26, September, Ireland Active will host the second Docklands Fitfest as part of Dublin City Council’s Dublin Sportfest. National Fitness Day is supported by Sport Ireland, Healthy Ireland and the European Commission, with a common goal of promoting the benefits of physical activity.

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