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Ann Widdecombe brands men 'wimps' and women's marches 'pathetic'


Protesters on the march in London

Protesters on the march in London

Protesters on the march in London

Former politician Ann Widdecombe has clashed with Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid after branding the women's marches "pathetic".

The ex-MP, 69, who viewers recently saw chasing sheep around a field in the reality show Sugar Free Farm, said men had become "wimps" because they were putting up with "all this rubbish".

She told the ITV show: "I can remember when women were not equal. I can remember those days.

"Nowadays it's gone completely the other way. All women shortlists, women have all the advantage in custody cases."

Asked what she thought about the women's marches that were held around the world following President Donald Trump's inauguration, she laughed and stated "pathetic".

"You guys are such pathetic wimps. You go along with all this rubbish," she said to co-host Piers Morgan.

She added of the protesters: "They weren't arguing anything. They were shouting."

Widdecombe said: "We have got absolute equality. We've got advantages the men haven't got. I actually think it's gone very unfairly the other way."

When co-host Reid said, despite legislation, women were not being paid the same as men, Widdecombe stated: "I'm sorry, that is complete nonsense."

When Reid said it was "hard to get transparency", Widdecombe told her : "May I finish Susanna? I'd like to finish this sentence."

S he said of Mr Trump's previous comments about women, for which he apologised: "We're going back to an interview in 2005 and it's now 2017. Grow up guys."

After Morgan pointed out Widdecombe did not take any nonsense from men, the ex-MP, who has ditched sugar to farm her own healthy food for the TV series Sugar Free Farm, pointed at Reid.

"I don't take it from women either," she said.

Reid agreed, saying: "You're very equal in your treatment."

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