Friday 24 May 2019

Andrea Riseborough: I face sexually inappropriate behaviour almost every week

The star said she feels she has to “bolster” herself every day.

Andrea Riseborough
Andrea Riseborough

By Francesca Gosling

Actress Andrea Riseborough has told how experiencing sexually inappropriate behaviour on a weekly basis sometimes leaves her struggling to get out of bed.

The Nocturnal Animals star, 35, said that she arms herself with metaphorical bumpers to give her the confidence to go out to work.

Her comments came as she spoke to 5 News’ Minnie Stephenson amid the string of sex abuse allegations that have recently emerged from actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein allegations

Asked if she had experienced sexually inappropriate behaviour in the acting industry, Riseborough said: “Absolutely. Almost every week. It makes it so just difficult sometimes to get out of bed because you have to feel like you bolster yourself.

“You know those bumpers in the two lanes when you go bowling? I go out there with two of them, metaphorically, every day.

“Until you’re, as a woman, in that situation, the pressure that you feel and that awkwardness and the inappropriate comments. The way that makes you feel, what it does to you, eventually it’s psychologically very damaging.”

Riseborough plays Svetlana Stalin alongside Jason Isaacs and Michael Palin in Armando Iannucci’s upcoming comical drama, The Death Of Stalin.

TV Iannucci 11

Asked about his opinions of the Weinstein claims, Iannucci said: “(Weinstein) always had an appetite for being just an awful person to deal with, but it’s quite horrible what we’re hearing now, and it indicates that that culture of fear and terror is something that can result in silencing people when actually people need to be able to speak out.”

Palin added: “I certainly didn’t know how much Harvey had been up to, which a lot of people did, but it’s awful.

“One has to keep remembering the issues and what’s happened and by the end of next week maybe people will have forgotten.

“But I do think it’s been dealt with right across the media, and so much about it, that I think this is going to make some kind of change.”

Weinstein, the co-founder of The Weinstein Company film studio, was sacked on Sunday following the allegations against him.

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