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Amanda Bynes having 'problems' securing hotel room after release from psych facility


Amanda Bynes has been released from a psychiatric facility.

Earlier this month the 28-year-old star was put under an involuntary hold so she could receive care at a facility in Pasadena, California.

This week the 5150 hold - used when people are deemed a danger to themselves or others - was extended to 30 days, but it has now been lifted.

According to TMZ, a hearing was held at the psychiatric facility on Thursday and Amanda asked to be allowed to leave.

She has reportedly been taking her medication and was "lucid", although the site states medical professionals still have grave concerns for her mental state.

It was apparently agreed that Amanda was stable and so could not be the subject of an involuntary hold anymore. This meant the 30-day agreement was quashed and the actress was allowed to leave.

TMZ has pictures of Amanda walking down Sunset Strip in Los Angeles following her release. It's claimed she was on the hunt for a hotel room, although she had some problems securing one.

She was spotted stopping off for some dinner at a diner and conversing with the waiter, with TMZ alleging she was also talking to herself.

Amanda's new round of difficulties began last month when she was arrested for DUI. She then hit the headlines in New York City when she was accused of scratching a stranger and shoplifting.

During this time, the star made a series of allegations about her father on Twitter. She claimed he had sexually abused her but later deleted the comments and alleged a microchip in her brain had made her make them.

Earlier this week it was claimed that her parents Lynn and Rick have obtained another conservatorship order over her, a step they also took last year after Amanda was put under a 5150 hold. That time she has displayed erratic behaviour for weeks, culminating in her setting a fire in a stranger's driveway. She was put under the involuntary hold and then released into rehab, eventually going home to her parents and signing up to a fashion course.

The star's parents and her lawyer have previously denied she suffers from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, with Lynn previously blaming her problems on marijuana.

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