Thursday 19 September 2019

Amanda Brunker: 'Katie Price has lost her marbles - and her dignity - by having a facelift in her 30s'

Katie Price on ITV's This Morning.
Katie Price on ITV's This Morning. Newsdesk Newsdesk

Amanda Brunker has said she believes British celebrity Katie Price has “lost her marbles” by having a facelift.

Brunker, who earlier this year had Botox live on the Late Late Show, said she believes a facelift in your 30s should nearly be illegal.

“At 39 years of age, my old pal Katie Price has had a facelift. And stayed awake through the whole thing. Stop the world, I want to get off,” Brunker writes in today’s Sunday World.

“This is a ridiculous surgery to undertake at such a young age. Not that we needed any reminding, but the woman has clearly lost her marbles – she could have lost them down the back of her couch, along with her How-to-keep-a-Husband manual and her dignity.”

“Sure, she’s done more mileage than the ESB this week, but seriously, a facelift in your 30s should almost be illegal.”

The columnist admitted that she herself wouldn’t get a facelift done for another few decades.

“Everyone already knows I’m fond of the odd procedure or two – I don’t think I will ever live down having Botox live on The Late Late Show – but facelifts are for old dames like Joan Collins and Jane Fonda.”

“I’m not saying I’d never get one done myself, but I wouldn’t consider it for at least another couple of decades.”

“Of course, Pricey made a video of the surgery, but seeing her chatting to her surgeon as he fiddled about in a large slit in her skull was just over-sharing.”

The former Miss Ireland said she has turned down money to promote procedures like the G-spot Amplification surgery.

“Yes I nearly made a TV show around my breast reduction surgery but it got shut down when I refused to let the cameras into the theatre.”

“I’ve no regrets. Despite what the haters say, I don’t crave attention that badly.”

“That said, I will be getting a few more tweaks on the body in the future. I was thinking of a new J-Lo butt for 2018 and maybe even a new nose. I quite like Melania Trump’s.”

“OK, I’m teasing. For my next surgery I’m planning to whip out a load of unsightly varicose veins from my legs,” she added.

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