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Amanda Brunker: 10 years on, I still feel guilty over my friend Katy French's death

Amanda Brunker at Renards with Katy French
Amanda Brunker at Renards with Katy French
Katy French arriving at her high-profile 24th birthday party
Katy arriving at her 24th birthday party Photo: Gerry Mooney
Irish Model Katy French arrivng to be a guest on The Podge Rodge Show, RTE Studios, Dublin, Ireland - 07.04.07.
Katy was never shy about showing off her enviable body and unsurprisingly, became the most in-demand bikini photocall model in Ireland at the time. Here, she promotes the then-new Purty Kitchen.
Katy French at Lillies Bordello, Dublin in 2007
Amanda Brunker
Katy French and with her former fiance Marcus Sweeney
Amanda Brunker in 2008
Amanda Brunker at the VIP Style Awards 2014
Paris Hilton with Amanda Brunker in Dublin in 2006
Amanda Brunker in 2006
Amanda Brunker in 2006
Katy French Newsdesk Newsdesk

Amanda Brunker has spoken of the sadness she feels when thinking about her friendship with the late model Katy French.

The Irish model was 24 when she died in 2007 and the 10th anniversary of her death is on Wednesday. She died an hypoxic ischemic brain injury, which means that the brain was starved of oxygen because of cocaine and ephedrine.

Amanda Brunker in 2008
Amanda Brunker in 2008

"Within a relatively short space of time she became Ireland's most recognisable model and then within another very short space of time, she got sucked into a dark way of life," Brunker wrote in today's Sunday World.

"I became instant friends with her when she first exploded onto the Dublin nightlife scene. She was just so likeable and fun and few could resist her sunny personality. I, amusingly enough, was known as an 'it' girl at the time, horrible tag, I know. She wanted to be known as a socialite too and was pulled towards people who could offer her that status."

Brunker, who grew close to her in the early days of her career said towards the end of their friendship, they were on different paths. "Although in her final year or two, we didn't hang out much, we always stayed in touch. Like with most people we ever cared about and lost, there will always be guilt."

The mother-of-two reflected on her regret at not attending her 24th birthday party in Krystle nightclub, saying, "I told her I didn't like her friends and didn't want to be associated with those people."

Katy French
Katy French

Brunker urged people to learn from Katy's death and "surround yourself with good people".

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