Sunday 18 March 2018

All hail the pizza girl who sacrifices fashion for food

PIZZA GIRL: Lily Allen in New York. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
PIZZA GIRL: Lily Allen in New York. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Julia Molony

Ach, you can't bust a girl for trying to be classy and falling at the last hurdle.

Lily Allen was doing so well – all gussied up for the Met Gala after-party, hosted by Rihanna, in a minimalist dove grey shift dress by Balmain, with her hair artfully up-done and her trademark 60's eyeliner on.

She was looking so, um, I think the word is fly, until the post-party pizza fest happened. And like any reasonable woman who has probably been on a 24 hour pre-red carpet juice fast, all concerns of fashion flew out the window as soon as she had that steaming hot triangle of cheese and tomato sauce and fresh basil in her perfectly manicured hand.

Next thing, there she was getting papped on the way out of the party, Balmain dress dappled with sauce stains, smear of pizza sauce across her cheek, looking like a carbs junkie on the lam from wheat-free rehab.

This is the kind of party-hardy excess People Are Talking likes to see. We've seen plenty of glassy-eyed starlets falling out of limos, into the hyena pack of paparazzi, looking spaced out and sad. Show us a happy one, well fed and satisfied after enthusiastically tucking into a pizza, and we'll cheer. Even if it means accepting an unfortunate fashion casualty (that Balmain dress was for the bin) in the process.

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