Thursday 26 April 2018

Alan Hughes: 'I had a hair transplant to boost my confidence'

Alan Hughes
Alan Hughes

Elaine McCahill

Tv3's Alan Hughes has spoken about how his thinning hair affected his confidence.

The Ireland AM presenter said he became "paranoid" about his appearance when they started filming in TV3's new HD studio.

"When we moved into the new studio, everything becomes magnified and so much clearer," he told the Herald.

"You could see every pore, every line and I could see my thinning hair.

"I'd have them demented in the make up room asking them to fix my hair and there's only so much concealing you can do," he added.

After months of worrying about his appearance, Alan decided to undergo a hair restoration treatment at Therapie Clinic.

Loving couple: Karl Broderick (left) and Alan Hughes. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Loving couple: Karl Broderick (left) and Alan Hughes. Photo: Tony Gavin.

"I had 2,500 follicles removed from the back of my head and put into the front of my head," he said.

"They individually take those hairs out and then the doctor replants them - it took about nine hours.

"It takes about 10 months to see a difference, but I'm really happy with it now and people are telling me I look different.

"I notice it on-air and it feels different.

"It really does improve your confidence, I was worried about camera angles and people seeing my receding hairline," he added.

While it worked for him, Alan thinks there is still a taboo surrounding cosmetic treatments for men.

"Lads wouldn't be sitting around the pub talking about their hair and how they're thinking of getting a hair transplant or whatever," he said.

"But men are more exposed, especially when they work in the public eye. We don't have the make-up or the hair extensions that women do.

"I suppose Wayne Rooney talking about his hair transplant helped bring it to the fore and maybe help lads be more comfortable talking about it.

"It didn't hurt, you're numbed up and for a relatively small procedure it's made a huge difference to my life," he added.

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