Sunday 25 March 2018

Actress sparks outrage by comparing her cleavage to refugee crisis

Sopgie Thomalla made the insensitive remarks on Instagram and Twitter
Sopgie Thomalla made the insensitive remarks on Instagram and Twitter

Sasha Brady

A German actress has sparked outrage online through tasteless comments she made in which she compared her cleavage to the refugee crisis.

Many Twitter uses asked Sophia Thomalla if she'd "lost her mind" after she said "small breasts are like refugees; they're simply there but you wish they weren't".

The comments, posted on Friday, were accompanied by a photo of Thomalla grabbing her breasts.

The Berlin-native later boasted that her controversial tweet gained her an additional 2000 followers in just one our.

The 26-year-old also made remarks on the US presidential election. She said that Donald Trump is the "real guy" and compared Hilary Clinton to a "grandma", saying no one wants to vote for a "little grandma that you have to take care of".

However, she soon back-tracked and claimed that her comments were part of a social media experiment and a deliberate attempt at provocation.

Sophie Thomalla / Instagram
Sophie Thomalla / Instagram

It was later revealed that a German TV presenter called Micky Beisenherz (39) took over the actress' social media account for a day and posted the insensitive tweets as an experiment to see how people would react to right-wing, inhumane comments.

Sophia told German newspaper Bild that Beisenherz used his comments as a "mirror" to show how "unbelievable" social media can be.

But the excuses weren't well-received by her followers, with many people holding the opinion that jokes shouldn't be made about the suffering of others, whether it's part of an experiment or not.

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