Wednesday 25 April 2018

Actress Brittany Murphy's death 'could have been prevented' says pathologist

Brittany Murphy at the premiere of 'Happy Feet' in London in 2009
Brittany Murphy at the premiere of 'Happy Feet' in London in 2009

Jennifer McShane

A leading pathologist on Channel 5's Autopsy has said that Murphy’s death “could have been prevented” if medical help had been sought 24 hours prior to her death.

Speaking in a new documentary on the actress titled Autopsy: The Final Hours of Brittany Murphy, pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd said by the time the ambulance arrived, it was, tragically already too late:

"By the time Brittany collapsed in her bathroom there was probably nothing the paramedics or hospital staff could have done to save her,” he said.

"But had she been taken to hospital 24 hours earlier and given intravenous drugs, there is a very good chance she would have survived and would still be here today,” he continued.

The official coroner's report cited pneumonia and anaemia as the cause of death, the same symptoms which, in a tragic twist of fate, would also cause Murphy’s husband, British filmmaker Simon Monjack, to pass away only five months later.

Murphy collapsed at her home on the morning of 20th December 2009, at only 32 years old.

The actress, who shot to fame in prominent films such as the now cult classic Clueless and 8 Mile had reportedly become terrified of the paparazzi outside her house in the run-up to her death, growing more and more reclusive.

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