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‘A simple question can break a person’ – Rosanna Davison urges followers not to ask people when they’ll have kids


Rosanna Davison with son Hugo

Rosanna Davison with son Hugo

Rosanna Davison with son Hugo

Rosanna Davison has urged her followers not to ask people when they are going to have children, adding that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Davison, who was crowned as Miss World back in 2003, has been very honest about her heartbreaking struggles to conceive.

The Dubliner and her husband Wesley Quirke welcomed their daughter Sophia via a gestational surrogate in November 2019, after revealing that they had endured 14 miscarriages before that.

The couple were then over the moon to welcome their ‘miracle’ identical twin boys Hugo and Oscar in November 2020.

The 36-year-old spoke candidly on her Instagram about how invasive the question of “when are you having kids?” can be, and told her followers “just don’t” ask about it.

“There were so many times after we got married that I was asked by well-meaning friends and family when we planned to have a baby, as if it’s as easy as ordering off a menu,” she said.

“I would just smile and say that I was too busy with work to even think about it, when in reality I was absolutely heartbroken inside that I couldn’t hang onto a pregnancy and no amount of medication could fix my ‘broken’ body.”

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“A simple question can break a person because you never really know what difficulties they face behind closed doors.”

Back when her sons were born, Davison announced on her Instagram that they both arrived safely into the world, and that her heart was “bursting with love”.

“Just like that, we’ve become a family of five and all our dreams have come true,” she said.

“We’re deeply grateful to the wonderful, hardworking team at National Maternity Hospital for all of their kindness and support.”

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