Wednesday 16 January 2019

A racing wedding of royal proportions is on the way - Eddie Jordan's son Zak pops the question

Zak and Grainne in Cape Town
Zak and Grainne in Cape Town
WE ARE FAMILY: Formula One boss Eddie Jordan attended the UCD fashion show at the RDS on Friday night with three of his children, Miki (left), designer Zoe and Zak, a model
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Anyone who disagrees can rev up and... well, finish that sentence yourself, dear reader. But Formula 1 motor racing without the Two Eddies hasn't been quite the same.

I speak of course of Mr Irvine and Mr Jordan. The latter was one of the more entertaining figures in the globally popular sport as founder and owner of Jordan Grand Prix from 1991-2005, before he drove off into the sunset to become one of the more entertaining and erudite elements of F1 coverage on TV.

Like the aforementioned Irve the Swerve, Jordan is one of the great characters of Irish life. How many 69-year-old business men play drums in their own band?

Jordan might need to get out the drum kit soon, because his equally-charismatic son Zak got engaged to the gorgeous Grainne at the top of Lion's Head mountain in Cape Town on New Year's Eve. Both were tres caj in T-shirts and shorts and looked deliriously happy as they posed for pictures with a glass of champagne.

The ultra-glam couple had spent Christmas in Dublin and were spotted having a drink in the Central Hotel over the festive season. They are currently skiing in Japan at the Myoko Kogen ski resort.

I hope if gorgeous Grainne's fab future father-in-law is there too, he's not on the piste or at least considering playing the drums: his Keith Moon-like brilliance might cause an avalanche.

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