Sunday 20 October 2019

2fm star Louise McSharry announces she's expecting second child

Louise McSharry with son Sam, left, and husband Gordon Spieren with Sam
Louise McSharry with son Sam, left, and husband Gordon Spieren with Sam
Louise McSharry at the Irish launch of IT Cosmetics at Arnotts Beauty Hall. Picture: Brian Mcevoy
2fm DJ Louise McSharry wed her long-term love Gordon Spiegen in August.
Louise McSharry and her husband Gordon Newdesk

RTE DJ Louise McSharry has announced she's expecting her second child.

The 2fm star (35) and husband Gordon Spierin have two-year-old son Sam together and she wrote on Instagram last night that they are adding to their family next year.

"Delighted to say that these two and I are going to be welcoming a new family member in 2019. (A baby. I’m having another baby. Just in case you thought I meant a dog or something)," she wrote alongside a picture of her two boys. McSharry said earlier this year that she was so joyful at being able to have Sam after her chemotherapy and recovery from Hodgkin's Lymhoma that "we’re not going to stress about whether or not it happens again."

Her current work schedule allows her to spend her mornings with her son, then, when he is in crèche for the afternoon, she heads off to work for the evenings.

Now three years on from her cancer, she spoke honestly about the impact the diagnosis continues to have on her life with Life in September. “I think it would be wrong of me to pretend it doesn’t have an effect, but for me it’s just adjusting to having cancer, it changed the pace of my life very dramatically. I had to try and have a baby very quickly because I had reduced fertility as a result of my treatment," she said.

“There is a lasting impact and I wouldn’t want to pretend there isn’t. I would have loved to have a year before my wedding to have fun with my husband and maybe after we were married too.”

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