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WhatsApp gives Niall Horan the 'Fear Of Missing Out'

1D's Niall Horan
1D's Niall Horan
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Niall pictured with his nephew Theo, at four weeks old. (Photo: Instagram/Niall Horan)
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One Direction's Niall Horan gets 'FOMO' over the "stupid" things his friends talk about while he's away.

The star, who turns 21 on Saturday, is one-fifth of hit band One Direction, who come to the end of their Where We Are Tour next month.

One Direction's Niall Horan celebrates his 21st birthday with celeb pals who don Niall masks

During his travels, Niall makes sure to touch base with his pals back home in Ireland, but often gets sad he isn't there to join in with their antics.

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“I like to stay in touch as much as I can. They do my head in! I have all the boys there in a WhatsApp group and the c**p they are talking... It’s horrible when you are looking at it from the other side of the world, even though I am doing something I love and in these cool places," he sighed to The Sun.

Niall Horan

“But they are just like, ‘Text me when it’s 6pm and we’ll go to my house and we’ll order a pizza’ or ‘Do you wanna play pitch and putt?’ or ‘Are you boys playing golf today?’ Something stupid like that and they’re the kind of things that you miss. You look at the phone and you’re just like, ‘Aw Jesus.’”

Niall and his bandmates - Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik - have a hectic schedule and rub shoulders with fellow stars on a regular basis. This doesn't mean the musician has changed since finding fame, though.

He praises his parents Maura and Bobby for the way they raised him in Ireland's Mullingar county town.

“I’d say half of it is due to my upbringing. That humble side of things, obviously Mullingar comes into play there a lot. Then it depends what kind of person you are – some people do things their own way and some do things the right way," he added about staying down to earth. “I just do it. I just have a laugh and get on with it.”

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