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The loves of my life with broadcaster Mary Kennedy


Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy

The person

There are four. Eva, Tom, Eoin, Lucy

The memory

Picnics on the beach in Rosslare, Co Wexford, when the children were small, with cousins, aunts and uncles, and their granny. Banana sandwiches and tea in flasks

The moment of the day

Sunrise, definitely

The song

True Friends, sung by Jerry Fish & the Mudbug Club. They performed it on the very last Open House programme in May 2004. It always brings a tear to my eye

The movie

Funny Girl. I saw it umpteen times, and I insisted on my mother accompanying me on one occasion. She wasn't as blown away by it

The hero

Nelson Mandela. Commitment, dignity, awareness, and forgiveness personified

The book

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. All human life is there

The outfit

The two beautiful gowns I wore presenting the Eurovision in 1995

The accessory

Happy as Larry - our dog, who looks like Dougal from The Magic Roundabout

The gadget

Google Maps. My sense of direction is not great, but it always gets me there

The pet hate

Clutter. Rudeness

The friend

I have an army of wonderful friends. I love them all

The beauty product

Nicely scented hand cream

The holiday

In Ireland

The piece of advice

From my mother: 'Put yourself in their shoes'

The drink

Bubbles! Champagne where possible

The hotel

Definitely Irish hotels. I have stayed in many hotels around the country, and the hospitality is always incredibly warm

The bar

A glass of wine with friends, in my home or theirs

The hobby

Gardening and running

The part of my body

My teeth. All my own!!

The celebrity

Neven Maguire. A real star, a fab chef and a dear friend

The virtue

I really admire people who are kind

The vice

I cannot abide rudeness or arrogance

The smell

Turkey roasting on Christmas Day

The taste

Smoked salmon on toast, with pepper and lemon

Mary presents 'Nationwide' 7pm, RTE One, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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