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The loves of my life: Angela Scanlon, stylist and TV presenter

Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon: Coat, price on request, Miu Miu, jumper €125, Whistles; skirt €265, MiH; all available at Brown Thomas. Photo: Conor Clinch.
Angela Scanlon and husband Roy Horgan
Angela Scanlon arriving at the National Television Awards 2016 held at The O2 Arena in London. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire
Angela Scanlon.
Angela Scanlon at the Galaxy Style Exchange at Siopaella Temple bar

The stylist and TV presenter on why her late granny, with lipstick and a twinkle in her eye, is her hero and why adults shout build huts in ditches.

The person

My husband. He knows who he is

The memory

Building huts in a field, with my sisters, as kids. We would drag rugs from the house - we decked that joint out real nice, and created our own little world in the ditch. I'm honestly not sure why this behaviour is not encouraged in adults

The moment of the day

Early early morning - before anyone else is up, and it feels like I have the world to myself and time on my hands. I should say that it doesn't happen very often, so there's a possibility that the novelty factor is part of the appeal


The song

Villagers, The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever). Such a brilliantly captivating and unconventional love song. I tend to gravitate towards quite melancholic music, so anything that says something without making me cry, I try to remember! Also, Conor O'Brien, as a front man, is a genius. Or Antony and the Johnsons Bird Gerhl - not new, but still mesmerising

The movie

Frozen. The soundtrack is epic

The hero

My granny! She had 15 children and lived until she was 93, with lipstick and a twinkle in her eye

The book

A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride. It made me weep. It is really heavy going; the style of writing is really frantic and raw, and almost a bit feral and disturbing and brilliant. It is dark. It made me cry on holidays, and I think anything that makes you feel anything significant is worth talking about. It reminded me of the fragility of the mind, and how vital it is for us to talk openly about mental health. Thankfully, people are speaking out more in mainstream media, but we've still got a long way to go.

angela and roy.jpg
Angela Scanlon and husband Roy Horgan

The outfit

My wedding dress. Well, it was a dress that became a two-piece a week before the wedding! Not ideal for stress levels, but it turned out for the best, and was one of my favourite things ever to wear. It still hasn't been cleaned, as I don't want to wash the muck or the memories away

The accessory

A banana. Actually, any snack in a bag

The gadget

My iPhone, so I can access Instagram! I love it. It's like a personal, visual scrapbook. If I'm having a shit day, I scroll through it, and it's an instant reminder of how lucky I am. It makes me remember amazing experiences, ridiculous nights and some really special times. Some of my favourite pictures ever are not professional; they're quick, spontaneous snaps that feel completely 'of the moment'

The pet hate

Moths. They bloody destroy my jumpers, and I don't tolerate anything or anyone messing with my jumpers

The virtue


The vice

Sugar. I've been trying to ditch it for twenty years. I attempted to do this by purchasing an industrial-sized bag of cola bottles and eating them within days - there were 2,000. I can't eat that particular flavour of jelly since, but using this method with every sweet thing I love may be counterproductive

The celebrity

Louis Theroux. I was recently in a coffee shop beside the BBC and hovered incredibly close. It's the only time I remember feeling genuinely star-struck. His work is such an inspiration; like all my favourites, he makes something very complex look incredibly easy

Angela Scanlon.

The drink

Whiskey on the rocks

The friend

I couldn't pick one. My female friends are the best in the world; a glorious mix of people I've known for decades and new friends who I know will be in my life forever

The beauty product

This feels almost retro! YSL Touche Eclat. I wore it forever, but ran out of it a few years ago and never replaced it. After a delayed flight recently, I found myself in the duty free and bought two. I will never go without it again; it magically disappears my eye-luggage and whiskey nose in a swish

The holiday

Our honeymoon in Marrakech. It felt like a stolen week, as I was in the middle of filming Getaways, but it was amazing! My friend has a company that arranges the best holidays in Morocco, and I had always wanted to go. We got engaged in India, and so we wanted to go somewhere 'exotic' without the jet lag. I've been planning to go back since

The piece of advice

'You get out of life what you put into it' was the saying most often heard in my house growing up, and a sentiment that both my parents shared. As a kid, it was slightly terrifying but mostly annoying; the notion that I was solely responsible for my own life. Of course, handing over control was a somewhat risky approach with a somewhat reckless teenager, but it seemed to work. It made me take responsibility for what I did, and realise early on that with a bit of stubborn grit and a few sleepless nights, I could do anything

Playing a blinder: Angela Scanlon

The hotel

Coqui Coqui in Tulum, Mexico. It's a perfumery run by a husband and wife; it has the most beautiful interiors, but it's utterly unpretentious, and right on the beach. We spent a week barefoot, drinking tequila and eating nachos, between swimming and hiding under a giant umbrella. Snoozing in the sun, eating books - I would go back tomorrow

The bar

Grogans, South William St, for chinwags, gin and tonic, and a cheese toasty

The hobby

Flower arranging! Actually, buying flowers and plants is my hobby. Perhaps because we don't have a garden, I'm attempting to 'green up the gaff'

The part of my body

My teeth. They're my own, and really help with eating

The smell

Rose. I love the smell of grannies and flowers, and this is the ideal combination.

The taste

Truffle oil. It's intense. Drizzled on a pizza or toast, over veg or straight from the bottle. That, and my father-in-law's trifle - I would bathe in it and then eat the lot

Angela Scanlon is currently hosting 'Robot Wars', Sundays, 8pm, BBC Two. Twitter and Instagram @angelascanlon

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