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The Liz Hurley guide to taking flattering swimwear shots

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Liz Hurley. Picture: Instagram
Liz Hurley. Picture: Instagram
Picture perfect: Liz Hurley knows every trick in the book when taking Instagram photos
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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

Another day, another photograph of Liz Hurley in a bikini. The latest shot was taken in the gardens of her Herefordshire mansion and shows her performing a modified starfish pose on a sun lounger (we don't understand it either).

Liz's Instagram page would suggest that she spends the better part of her day frolicking on white-sand beaches and twirling around in fluorescent bikinis.

The truth, however, is that she's hard at work. The model and actress established a swimwear range in 2005 and Instagram has become her marketing tool of choice.

Liz now has close to a million followers on the social media site, but let's be clear, nobody is here for the swimwear. They're much more interested in the 53-year-old model, whose figure has resolutely defied the ageing process, and whose attitude redefines the notion of 'age-appropriate' fashion. Liz may not be a digital native or a filter queen, but after 30-odd years in the industry, she knows a thing or two about looking good in a bikini. Here's what we can learn from her…

It's a young person's game

If you want to take decent bikini shots on your holidays, you're going to need someone with patience and perseverance. The waiter will take five shots maximum before he makes his excuses and your partner won't take this mission seriously at all.

Liz's 16-year-old son Damian takes some of her bikini photographs (yes, really). He's studying photography and, according to his mother, "he's got a really good eye".

This unseemly dynamic probably won't work for everyone but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you want to get the perfect shot, work with a Generation Z photographer.

They know the social media landscape inside and out, and they're used to taking 127 photos before they get one that's just right.

Wave your arms in the air

Picture perfect: Liz Hurley knows every trick in the book when taking Instagram photos

The new generation of influencers use every filter and app available to digitally tone their arms and perk up their breasts. Liz, on the other hand, prefers the old-school approach. Rather than resorting to Photoshop, the model and actress simply waves her arms in the air like she just doesn't care. This easy, breezy pose will lift the breasts, tone bingo wings and, best of all, make it look like you didn't spend an hour trying to engineer the perfect shot.

Use a lighter background

If you want to make your tan pop, shoot against a pale backdrop. Liz likes to pose against the cerulean blue waters of the Maldives or the white-sand beaches of Ibiza. Mere mortals could try Banna Strand or Bundoran.

Shoot from above

If you want to look thinner and taller, make sure the camera is above you (and never, ever below you). Old pro Liz is well aware of this rule. In fact, judging from her Instagram page, we can only assume that her son is using an overhead dolly system or shooting from the top of a tree.

Lighting is key

Picture perfect: Liz Hurley knows every trick in the book when taking Instagram photos

You will notice that Liz doesn't do shots in bright sunlight. She prefers the softer hues of golden hour or, better still, a gently lit hotel room where she can take shadowy selfies in the mirror. When light is above you, it highlights all of your lumps and bumps. When light is directly in front of you, imperfections are minimised.

On point

Liz posts the occasional photograph of herself practising yoga and Pilates. Look closer at these photographs, however, and you'll notice a common theme. She only showcases pointed-toe poses which, of course, elongate her already long legs. Namaste, suckers!

Mind the gap, Cheryl


So Cheryl Tweedy and Liam Payne have announced their split and everyone is wondering if the 10-year age gap finally became an issue: Cheryl is 34 and Liam is 24.

This wouldn't even be a matter for discussion if Cheryl was 54 and Liam was 44 but age gaps, you will notice, become less of an issue as the years go on.

People always wonder how big is too big when it comes to age gaps, but the truth is that it's less about the numbers between a couple and more about the life stages. And like it or not, the 20s and 30s are worlds apart.

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