Monday 16 December 2019

Stars, including Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry, take to Twitter to slam Ferguson decision

Pharrell Williams met parents who played Happy at their son's funeral
Pharrell Williams met parents who played Happy at their son's funeral

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Performer Pharrell Williams is “heartbroken” over news Darren Wilson won’t be tried for murder.

On Monday a grand jury announced the courts will not indict police officer Wilson for the August 9th killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown (18) died after being shot several times by Wilson and Pharrell is upset the cop won’t face a legal case on the matter.

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“I'm heartbroken over the news of no indictment in Ferguson. Let's all pray for peace,” the Happy singer wrote on his Twitter profile.

Several celebrities have echoed Pharrell’s sentiments.

Katy Perry, who is currently working in Australia, took to the microblog to express her thoughts on the court’s decision not to prosecute Wilson.

“Feeling stuck all the way over here in Sydney seeing the news just now... Sending my prayers to Ferguson & praying for an equal America,” she tweeted.

Entertainment icon Cher is also dismayed at the grand jury’s verdict.

She believes it’s necessary for law enforcement officials to be held accountable for killing people on the job, especially black males.

“Have problem re decision not 2bring 2 trial,Police who shot young man near St.Louis.Something must b done 2 protect innocent young blk men,” Cher said.

There is great fear protestors will begin rioting in response to the grand jury’s decision not to try Wilson for shooting Brown.

Actress-and-activist Mia Farrow has asked President Barack Obama to intervene by making an appearance in Missouri.

“Mr President please go to #Ferguson,” Mia tweeted.

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