Saturday 7 December 2019

Oh baby! Hottest bumps to watch

Pregnant celebrities always capture the world's attention, and this week a slew of famous faces announced they're expecting. Here's what we can expect from them in the coming months.

Una Healy
Una Healy

Gillian Fitzpatrick

The is-she-or-isn't-she guessing game, head-turning pregnancy attire, a slightly bonkers name: the celebrity pregnancy is either blink-and-you-miss-it (Scarlett Johansson), or rather drawn out (Kim Kardashian), but all attract a several month long stream of curiosity rarely bestowed on an average woman's womb.

This week, Kate Middleton announced her second pregnancy early due to another bout of extreme morning sickness, and Royal Baby mania kicked off immediately with punters placing bets on the baby's gender and predicting The Duchess' maternity style. She wasn't the only one though; several high profile Irish ladies also announcedthe impending patter of tiny feet.

So whose tummy will we be keeping a firm eye on,and whose pregnancy style will fellow mammies-to-be covet for the next few months? Read on and find out...

Amy Huberman

Who? One half of the celebrated Huberbod power couple, Amy and husband Brian O'Driscoll have been married for four years. Their first child, Sadie, was born in February 2013 and the family lives in south Dublin.

Announcement: Keeping her pregnancy hidden for an impressive six months, on Tuesday Amy confirmed the news. "I managed to keep it under wraps for so long," she said this week. "We thought we'd just get on with it." She waited five-and-a-half months before announcing her first pregnancy in October 2012.

Pregnancy style: On Monday night at the launch of David O'Doherty's latest book, Amy (35) kept things simple with grey leggings, a grey shift top and bright accessories. Attending Wimbledon with Brian in the early months of her pregnancy in June, she wore a striking blue and white dress that perfectly complemented her figure. Less than 24 hours before giving birth to Sadie, Ms Huberman walked the IFTA 2013 red-carpet in a full-length jersey gown in flattering black.

Names: The couple say they're keeping the sex a surprise, but either way they're likely to nod again to Amy's Jewish roots.

The future: With a sports superstar dad and author-actress mum, Huberbod number two is always going to be among the most popular kids in school. And surely one of Amy and Brian's children has to be an Olympic medallist?

Amy Huberman

Una Healy

Who? The only Irish member of The Saturdays, a girl group which has sold more than 4million records in the UK and Ireland. In June 2012 she married English rugby player Ben Foden in Kilshane House. They have a two-and-a-half year old daughter Aoife Belle.

Announcement: Una (33) took to Instragram on Monday, posting an adorable picture of Aoife wearing an "I'm going to be a big sister" t-shirt. The image notched up 30,500 likes in 48hours. And with rumour circulating for weeks, the singer acknowledged in her post "I know lots of people have been guessing". She is said to be approaching the four-month mark (and on tour, left).

Pregnancy style: The Co. Tipperary-native refused to ditch her heels last time. With a preference for flowing dresses clinched in at the waist, her everyday look is unlikely to change much. Her on-stage attire for The Saturdays Greatest Hits tour will be adapted to accommodate a bump.Names: Something good and Oirish.

The future: Could the baby be a rugby playing popstar? Either way, with these genes they'll be an absolute beaut.

Una Healy

Samantha Mumba

Who? Former pop sensation and sometime actress, 31-year-old Samantha is from Dublin but spends most of her time in LA, where her dashing policeman husband Torray Scales is from. This is their first child.

Announcement: Sadly Samantha's own revelation suffered from a saturation marketplace. "It's a girl!" she said on Twitter at the weekend, adding a day later "I hear she's in good company". She is thought to be half way through her pregnancy.

Pregnancy style: Ms Mumba has had her fair share of fashion howlers over the years - her leaving-nothing-to-the-imagination spider-web dress in 2004 is a stand-out example - but recently she's opted for a more muted look. Still partial to displaying her washboard abs in a dazzling series of crop tops, we envision Samantha making a welcomed move towards jeans and flats in the run-up to her due date.

Names: Samantha already has a stepson called Mason. Her brother, whom she starred in The Time Machine, is named Omero, while mum is Barbara, but we reckon she'll stick to an Irish name.

The future: Samantha swears her pop career isn't over - but even if a long-awaited comeback isn't in the offing, baby Mumba will get to hang out with plenty of famous faces in LA. We envision a Ryan Seacrest produced reality TV show circa 2033.

Samantha Mumba

Jennifer Maguire

Who? Since appearing on BBC's The Apprentice in 2008, Jennifer (34) has become a much loved broadcaster. She married her long-term boyfriend Lau Zamparelli in Castle Leslie in July. The couple, who currently live in Ranelagh, honeymooned in the Seychelles where Jennifer struggled with crippling morning sickness.

Announcement: After hints were dropped by her co-presenters, Jennifer took to the 2fm airwaves on Wednesday to confirm the happy news to her Breakfast Republic listeners. She is due in early March and says that she and her husband are "thrilled". And as the youngest of six children, the Dubliner has also hinted that she wants her own big brood.

Pregnancy style: Praised for her vampish red-carpet look, Jennifer has never shied away from figure-hugging skirts and dresses. We imagine she'll stick with a similar style throughout her pregnancy, though she'll probably have to ditch her beloved leather.

Names: Lau's Italian heritage might be a hint...

The future: We suspect baby Maguire-Zamparelli will be a foodie. A TV chef perhaps?

Jennifer Maguire

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