Monday 22 January 2018

Me, Myself, I - Julie Feeney, singer, reveals her soul

Singer Julie Feeney
Singer Julie Feeney
The treasure chest
The piano that Julie's mother bought her
Julie's great great grandmother
Aesop's Illustrated Fables
Pond's moisturiser

'I have very dear friends who are 
always there for me.'

The book that changed my life

My childhood book of Aesop's Fables (1). Those tales had a big impact on me growing up.


The quote that keeps me sane

Begin today (my own mantra) or 'It's not the critic...' (Theodore Roosevelt poem).


The best advice I've ever received

Never assume anyone thinks like you do.


The film I've watched again and again

Coco Before Chanel.


The song I want played at my funeral

I want Iarla O Lionaird to sing at my funeral. Anything.


The scent that evokes pleasant memories

I love the smell of the Pond's moisturiser my mother used when I was a child.


The piece of furniture that will become an heirloom

The piano that my mother bought in England in the '60s.


The picture that is worth a thousand words

An amazing photograph of my great great grandmother that features in my Dear John video. What poise, what conviction and what character.


The item that takes pride of place in my wardrobe

All my Joanne Hynes pieces.


The sentimental piece of jewellery

A beautiful and simple John Rocha bracelet with a big bird and a little bird on it, gifted to me before my daughter's birth.


Favourite Restaurant in the World

Il Melograno in New York, which reminds me of very special and wonderful times in my life. And the food is fantastic.


The item I'd save in a fire

A little treasure chest that I keep, my harmonium and my shruti boxes.


The characteristic I like most in myself

My multitasking ability is extremely high.


And least

My multitasking ability because I feel very guilty if I don't get everything done.


My first kiss

A very pretty and lovely young buachaill in the Gaeltacht. Quite a bewildering experience. Gosh, it's confusing being 16!


The last time I cried

At a New York production of Warhorse. The time, the theatre, the story, the moment, the sentiment and the memory collided.


It was the best of times

On tour across the US in 2011. Managing and performing and touring my own music with the best bunch of musicians and people you could imagine.


It was the worst of times

In very challenging times I work very hard to make things positive so I don't dwell on bad times afterwards. I always focus on what I learned through it.


The person I call when things go pear-shaped

I have very dear friends who are always there for me when wisdom is needed in adversity.


My death row dinner

Spinach calzone, cold boiled small potatoes with jackets on, beautiful fresh salad with nuts and a fruit smoothie.


Pet Peeves

The way that adverts are different in volume level to the main film on TV and then different to one another (usually extremely loud).


My four-legged friend

All through my childhood we had pets and caring for animals was very important in my formation. I don't have a pet now, however.


Julie Feeney will play the Cork Opera House on Friday October 17;

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